Monday, November 7, 2011

Letter #24 11/7/11 A calmer week!

Landon and Elder Carrillo outside the church in Cabo.  
Hey everyone! Thanks for all the emails you sent. I love reading them knowing whats happening in Utah. Also thanks for the packages! Were going to have a zone meeting tonight and the leaders told me that i have 3 or 4 packages waiting. Thanks!! And dont worry, im going to save them for Christmas... I hope that everything is good in Utah. The weather here is starting to cool down a little but im sure its still hot compared to back home. The mornings are pretty cool here though. Ive been using a blanket every night this past week wich is weird because a 3 weeks ago i had my fan on full blast and i would still wake up sweating. I like sleeping in the cold more, but showering is getting a little uncomfortable.
Everything is a lot more peaceful here than the week before. Thursday night we were finally able to sleep in our apartment, but we worked in our area the majority of tuesday and wednesday. The President just wanted to be extra safe that everything passed. Last weekend was pretty interesting because we werent able to work for almost 3 whole days! I thought it would be nice to have a little break and rest but i was wrong. The whole time i just felt lazy and wanted to leave! We had fun but i was definately ready to work when they finally gave us the green light. 

We started working tuesday morning and continued our search for new investigadors. We worked incredibly hard contactacing refrences and old investigadors but still had no luck. We did everything possible but nothing was working. We were a little frustrated because finding people to teach really shouldnt be that hard, but we new that if we stayed obedient and work hard that everything would work out. Finally wednesday we started to have a little success. We found an ancient area book that has records of investigadors that didnt get baptised from 3 plus years ago. We sorted out the ones that looked potential and started contacting them. We ended up contacting about 30 houses and in the end we were left with about 5 new investigadors that are awesome! I know that it was the spirit that led us to find the old area book and that our prayers get answered when we have faith. 

Im continuing to learn a ton from Elder Carrillo every day. We havent had that much time to study because every morning last week we were taking buses from the house of the ZL to our house, but Elder Carrillo is an incredibly hard worker. I know that if we keep working hard that were going to be blessed this cambio with success, hopefully lots of baptisms. 

Well i hope that everything is good. Im excited to read you letters! Love you all!!!

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