Monday, September 3, 2012

Letter #67 9/3/12 Striving for the Temple!

Hey everyone! Glad to hear you had a good week starting school and everything. I had no clue it was labor day! That´s fun that you all went to the cabin. It seems like you´ve been going to the cabin a whole lot lately. And Congrats to Kameron for going through the temple! Wow, i would´ve loved to have been there. And go BYU football!! How

We had a pretty decent week this week. We continued our hunt for new investigadors and had were able to see some fruits from our efforts. Again, we had very few lessons. 14 in the whole week, but we did a ton of street contacts. And we had 5 investigadors come to church!! For 2 in was their first time attending and they both loved it. One was a street contact! We invited him to church and he said he´d go, i thought he was just saying it so we´d leave, but he went! There was also a women that called us this last week, saying that the missionaries had visited her about a year ago, but wasn´t really too interested in changing her catholic beliefs. She told us that she recently visited her sister in another state and went to the mormon church with her and loved it! She wanted to know what time church starts here so that she can keep attending. She came yesterday and already looked like a member. She was wearing a dress, arrived 10 minutes early, stayed all 3 hours, got to know several members, and had an interview with the Bishop. She has lots of problems in her house so we´re going to be teaching her in the church. As long as she´s already married and hasn´t commited any pecados graves, she should get baptised in he next couple weeks!

This weekend our whole stake went to the Temple. Here in Mazatlan they go to the Guadalajara temple. All the stakes from Culiacan and up go to Heramosilla and everyone south of Culiacan goes to Guadalajara. Our ward has been getting together every week to make tamales and sell them in order to have the 300 pesos for the bus from here to guadalajara. Savings accounts don´t really exist here. If someone needs to pay for something other than the weekly grocery run they need to work extra hard to come up with the money. 300 pesos is less than 30 dollars, yet there were several members who weren´t able come up with it. I was sad to see that only 7 from our ward went. I would LOVE to be able to go to temple!! This week i was thinking a lot about the covenents we make and the blessings that are promised to us when we keep those covenents. I know that the blessings are real and powerful. And the coventents are important. Our purpose as missionaries isn´t just to baptise. We make sure that every convert has their sights set on the temple! Baptism is great, but without make the covenents in the temple, there´s no way we can make it back to our heavenly father.

Well love you all, thanks for being amazing. Thanks Marci for writing me! Love hearing from you and about the family. Love Elder Mecham

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