Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letter #83 12/24/12 Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas eve! I hope all is great at home. I was glad to get
emails from every one of the LLoyds. Thanks guys! I love you all.
Also, i´v recieved all the packages you sent me. 2 from mom, 1 from
the Lloyds, 1 from the Kilbournes, and 1 from grandma and grandpa.
Thanks everyone!!

I´ll start out with the call. It will be a Skype call! We´re going to
be doing it from the church building with a brand new laptop and a
great internet connection so im not really too worried. We´ll be able
to talk for 1 hour so have your questions ready. It´ll be tomorrow,
the 25th, at 4 in the afternoon. I wanted the morning but we´re going
to be having our district meeting. I´ll log on to lexi´s account and
look for you guys. If for some reason it doesn´t work out, call
6677539902. It´s the number of the church.

We don´t have too much time today, but we had a great week this past
week. Elder Staply and i get along great. He´s a good guy. We found a
few new investigadors and were able to put a few baptism dates. We had
little time to work because of the Christmas activities. The ward
activity was a blast. It consisted of lots of food, Mexican Christmas
musis, and jump rope! I dominated. The Mission Christmas activity was
also really fun. We played dodgeball, ate food, and had a 3 hour
testimony meeting. It was super spiritual. President Cantu is a man.
Tonight we´re going to have dinner with an awesome family in the ward.
We´re going to break a piƱata, and eat menudo!! There´s nothing better
than a Mexican Christmas. They gave us permision to return to the
house at 1030 so it should be a memorabe night.

Christmas is pretty amazing. It´s always strange being away from the
family, but this is the last Christmas i´ll ever have as a missionary.
I´ll never have another chance to serve people every minute of every
day and help them realize the importance of our savior and all the
blessings we recieve. I´m thankful for the gospel, my family and all
my friends, and for this amazing opportunity to serve the lord being a
missionary. I´m glad to be here in the mission and i´d never trade it
for anything.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and that you know i love you.
I´ll see you tommorrow!! Love Elder Mecham

p.s. mom, i was only able to send this to you because i´m using an old
computer. BYE!!

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