Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter #96 3/25/13 Hey Family!

Hey everyone!

This week was very successful like always. We taught a TON. We had 27 lessons in total which is more than regular. I´ve had areas where we rarely have more than 15. I´m LOVING teaching. It´s awesome to arrive with a person that we don´t know, and watch as they little by little feel the spirit and start to open up to us. When we first arrive with a person, we don´t start teaching right away. We start out by asking inspired questions to be able to know what to teach. A lot of times the person has little confidence in the first few minutes and doesn´t talk too much. We have to relly on the spirit to know what to say, and what questions to ask so that the person feels that we´re truly representatives of Jesus Christ and feels comfortable sharing their beliefs and experiences. 

We had a cool experience on Friday night. IT was 8:30 and we had already gone with the 4 plans that we had put for that hour and nobody was home. I remembered a referal that we had recieved a long time ago but never were able to find home. We went and surprisingly she was there. We talked a little outside of her house, and after about 5 minutes she invited us inside. We started getting to know her, shared scriptures, and after 5 more minutes she was in tears telling about all the problems she´s been having in her family. Her dad just died and she is having major problems with her husband. She has 2 little boys and is worried about them. We talked about the plan of salvation and about the importance of obedience, she said she wanted to go to Church on Sunday seems to be an esdogida. I know that we were an answer to her prayers and that it wasn´t by chance that we arrived to her house. My testimony is also growing more and more every day that when we work diligently, God answers our prayers. An important part about being diligent, is being constant. Working even when we don´t want to, and not stopping until we´ve given EVERYTHING we have. My goal is to keep working diligently for the remainder of my mission. To tell the truth, it´s harder than it was in the beginning, but it´s not impossible! There´s a quote that goes something like this "If you don´t have a love for the people, get down on your knees and don´t get up until you´ve obtained it". Several times of my mission i´ve applied this when i feel like i´m weak in a christ like attribute and i know that it works. 

Sadly, we won´t be baptising this week. The investigadors that had baptismal dates didn´t pay their tithing yesterday so they´ll probably be getting baptised next week, but there are changes!! Chances are that i´m going but who knows. This Branch is awesome. They´re already planning me a "family home evening" on sunday for my birthday! I´ll let you know how it goes. Have a great week!!!   

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