Monday, December 19, 2011

Letter #30 12/19/11 Christmas Phone Call!!

Love the Teddy Bear!!

Elder Garcia always has a smile on his face!!
Hey family! This week was pretty good. There was a lot of celebrating this week. Wednesday we had a huge Christmas celebration in San lucas. We had all the Elders in la Paz and Los Cabos meet in San Lucas nd we had some activities and had meeting of testimonies. It was a great day, we didn't get back to hour house until pretty late. I won't lie, i'm a little more than excited to talk to you guys on Christmas. We didn't really have a lot of options for houses where we can talk. Of the active members in our area there are 2 that have phones in there house. We talked with the family who's going to spend their Christmas here in San Jose and they told us that we could do it the 24 in the afternoon. So Saturday at 5 in the afternoon is when we're going to be there in the house waiting the phone call. You guys call the house, the number is   . You should call at 5. We're going to get there at about 430 so don't be scared to call 5 minutes early. The family of Elder Garcia is going to call at 7. I'm extremely sorry about the time. I know thats when everyone allways goes to Grandmas. It was literally the only time that worked out. I understand if you guys would rather go to grandmas.. But i'll be waiting there at the house either way. HAha. But seriously i'm sorry.. I tried to make it work out in a different time but it wasn't going to happen. But the good news is that the family is going to feed us tamalis afterwards!!
Well this week we have had very little success. We spent a lot of time visiting the less active members. It is incredibly frustrating trying to deal with them and all their problems. There are a TON of inactive members, and almost all have testimonies of the church, thier just lazy and don't want to get up early, or have been ofended by someone in the ward and refuse to go. Out of all the inactives we visited, not a single one went to church. I think this week we're going to dedicate a little more of our time to finding more investigadors. But we don't want to find any ordinary investigador, we want to find the escogidos. We know that they're out there, we just need to be obedient and do everything possible to find them, and once we've given everything God will put them in our path. Right now we have a few awesome investigadors that really want to get baptised, but have a big obstacle that stopping them. For all of them the obstacle is their family. We have a women who wants to get baptised but needs to get divorced from her prior husband and get married to her current husband who doesn't want to get married. Big problem, but nothing a little faith can't change. We're going to keep working hard this week. Well Love you all and i cant wait to talk to you Saturday at 5! And Merry Christmas to everyone. I love you all, friends and family. Thanks for you're examples, love, and support.. Elder Mecham

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