Monday, December 26, 2011

Letter #31 12/26/11 Happy Holidays!!

Landon loved the dinner cooked for him on this fire!

Christmas Morning 2011!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cabo San Lucas!

This is how they get hot water.  It does not look safe at all!
Hola famiy, I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! I imagine that you went to IHOP or Denny's, went and spent the rest of the day at grandma's. And i hope that talking to me on saturday wasn't too much of a distraction. I couldn't believe how fast the 2 hours went. Surprisingly, even with 2 hours there's a few things that i forgot to say. Question, how much does it cost me to use my debit card. Also, i'd like it if you sent pictures every once in a while. I can put them on my memory card and print them out in wallmart really cheap. I felt like i talked a little too much saturday and i realized that i had a lot of questions for you guys that never got answered. How was the Funeral? I was at a Funeral that same day for a sister in the ward that passed away. We song a lot of hyms and bore testimonies. The entire time i was thinking of Grandma Thomas. I didn't know her to well but i know she was an amazing women and that right now her spirit is in a really happy place. The Plan of Salvation is true. Also, what classes are Lexi and Mckell taking? And Mom, what do you do with all you're time when Lexi and Mckell are at school and dad is traveling? Did you guys do anything different for Christmas? And dad, have you been swamped with work since you starting covering the offices in Maryland?
So i talked with the sister about when lexi called in advance and she told me that she understood everything you said, she was just a little confused and thought it was a joke from one of her sobrinas that lives in Texas. haha, We had an amazing Christmas yesterday. There were'nt many people at church, but surprisingly there were still a couple gringo families to fill up the empty seats. Haha i was a little surprised to see tourists on Christmas day but it was nice to talk a little english with a family from Utah on Christmas. In the evening we went to San Lucas to sing. We didn't sing to well but it was awesome. There were a lot of people listening and i even got to see a few members from my old area. I was especially glad to see Bernardo, the last baptism that i had there. He is still doing great and we were able to talk for a long time while he gave us a ride home to San Jose in his Mustang.
It was awesome to be able to talk with everyone from the family on Saturday! I'd like to hear from all of them too. Rachel and Ryan were in Oregon i'm guessing? Would've been nice to talk with them too. Well i loved all the packages that you sent!! I loved everything inside each one but i want to especially thank Aunt Melanie for the Hym book, Marcie for the Adam's peanut butter and CD, Grandma for the sweater, and mom for the power bars and the mini Preach my Gospels. Wow those are amazing!! I was studying the lessons today on our busride. And Elder Garcia is incredibly greatful aswell. He me that when he saw me open mine he was going to ask if he could make a copy of every page so he could have one too.
Well thanks for everything. I hope all is well this week and that you guys enjoy the rest of your time together. We have a lot of plans to find new investigadors, we're probably going to start doing english classes so that will be interesting. I love you all. Elder Mecham

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