Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter #76 11/05/12 Culiacan!!

Hey everyone, where to start.. first of all, i'm in Culiacan! I guess you could say i'm excited. I've never served in Culiacan before and it is the Mexico CULIACAN mission. I really loved my ward and area in Mazatlan but i already had a while there. I was starting to get a little sick of walking the same streets every day... but we had a few investigadors who were really starting to progress so that's always tough. My new area is called Mirador (watcher), and my companions name is Elder Aleman (german, although he's not german, he's from Guerrero, Mexico). I'm still district leader, however my district is a little bigger. There're 4 companionships and 2 sisters! It should be interesting with the sisters. Luckily, i already know both of them and they're really easy going (sisters usually have lots of problems). I'm also super excited because one of the companionships consists of 2 of my former companions in Angostura! Elder Romero and Elder Calleja. We're going to be doing lots of divisions.

This last week in Mazatlan was splendid. D got baptised! He was super excited. I waited until after his baptism to tell him that i was going to leave. I'm going to miss him and his mom. They're both amazing converts. D is going to be an awesome missionary. It was amazing to see him and his mom progress in the gospel. I never got to see hna S get baptised, but she told me that the day she gets baptised that she's going to send the pictures to my email. She had gone to church every single sunday for 2 months, arriving early, and paying her tithing. She already has a goal to go to the temple. She's going to be moving to Tiajuana in about a month and wants go through the temple there.

Our mission is raising the bar as far as converts go. The investigadors now have to go to church 2 times before getting baptised, the diference is that one of those times they need to go without any support from us, or the ward. They also need to make a contribution of tithing or fast offerings before going to church. In the past 3 years there have been 110,000 baptisms in Mexico. Sadly, the attendence has only raised 10,000. Our mission is making a goal to have converts, not just baptisms. This means that we have to really love the people we teach and not just see them as numbers.

Last week we recieved amazing news!! Due to the change in the age requirement for missionaries, the missionaries are going to be in the MTC less time. This means that we're going to have some changes in our release dates. It will now be 3 weeks later! I'm pretty excited to be able to find more escogidos for the 3 weeks. I wanted to tell you now so that you dont plan any big vacations or anything. There also might be a possibility of leaving 3 weeks earlier, but there's still plenty of time to decide.

Thankyou everyone for the packages!! I recieved all 4 christmas packages on saturday. Yesterday i had an incredibly hard time trying to fit them in my 2 suit cases along with my clothes, books, and other essencial items, and today it was even harder trying to haul my 2 suit cases, each weighing 70 pounds, in all the buses, but i'm sure it will all be worth it christmas morning. Thanks!! Love you all, and Happy birthday grandma!!!! Love Elder Mecham

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