Monday, November 26, 2012

Letter #79 11/26/12 Teaching Every Hour

Dear family,

To start things off, we had a great week. I feel like i learned a lot and that our area is progressing little by little. Wow, I will tell you the truth, i completely forgot about thanksgiving. I can honestly say that Thursday i never once remembered that it was a special day. It's kind of a bummer, i planned on eating mashed potatoes for breakfast to celebrate but oh well.. But i did open the Christmas package from Aunt Marcie. Thanks!! Everything she packed in is perfectly delicious. 

This week we were working super hard, trying to find new investigadors. We can no longer knock doors, but we've been doing more street contacts than ever. We try to talk with literally everyone we see, besides the ones that look dangerous, and we've found some people with a lot of potential. The only problem is that in our area, EVERYONE WORKS! They all tell us that they're after 7 PM and on Sundays. Basically, every day after 7 we're incredibly busy trying to find the people that we feel could progress, while still finding time to teach the few investigadors that we're going to keep. Yesterday, someone we've been teaching since the first day i got here finally went to church! Her name is P. She's 23 and is the daughter in law of a less active member. Our problem with her has been that, like everyone, she's impossible to find in her house! She works making crafts and Christmas decorations and little things like that. I think she'd get along great with Mckell. On saturday night we finally taught her for the second time, invited her to church, and she went. It was the primary program yesterday. It was actually really well planned and the kids were all awesome. Our primary would bring some good competition. 

We have been teaching a lot of lessons lately. President Cantu said that we should teach every hour so we've been trying to teach everyone we talk with. The majority of our lessons are super short, and we teach the people where we find them; in their work, in the street, washing their car, the point is that we're teaching them the gospel and planting seeds! And it gives us a long list of future investigadors. We had an interesting lesson with an older lady last week. She was tending her 10 grandkids and they were being a little bit rebelious. She lost her patience and started screaming at a little boy and smacked him bith a belt. I read her Ephesians 6:4. It says not to provoke your children to wrath, but to raise them in the Lord. After that the lesson went really smooth. Her grandkids calmed down, she calmed down, and we were able to feel the spirit. When we share the right scripture in the right time, the spirit always testifies to the investigador and they feel that what we're teaching is true. 

It's been nice to see all the Christmas lights here. We're hoping to have a really WHITE Christmas, and i don't refer to snow, but to children of God dressed in baptismal clothing!! haha, Pres. Cantu said it first.. They told us that this year for the phone call we're going to have 2 opcions. 1) a 2 hour phone call, or 2) one hour talking on skype. We can pick which we want. I cant pick, so i'll let you guys pick. Allthough i will say that i'm leaning more towards the 2 hour phone call. It's more time, more quesions, and i don't even know if there's a member here with skype. But let me know. I love you all, have a great week!!!! 

P.S. mom, what blood type am i?

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