Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter #89 2/4/13 A reading race!

This week was pretty decent. We are working with a whole lot of investigadors, but very few are progressing. We are working with a ton of people who love to listen, but are afraid to commit to do anything. It´s pretty typical to have that problem in the ranches. Unlike other areas, we have absolutely no problem finding people to teach, we could teach all day long, but we need to ocupy our time teaching people who have a desire to follow Jesus Christ and not just listen about him. The good news is that C went to church again! She´s great, only that she learns really slow. Last week, for the first time, she prayed out loud and it was HUGE for her. She doesn´t know how to read and is incredibly shy. She doesn´t talk that much, but she´s slowly gaining confidence in us and opening up a bit. It´s getting tough with B. He still hasn´t gone to church. He says he can´t go because he has to take care of his mom who can´t walk. Honestly, i understand him, but there´s no excuses for not going to church!! If you want to go your going to find a way to go. We have told him this many times but he´s finding it hard to accept. We´re going to keep praying diligently. A is still deathly ill. We gave him a blessing last week, we´re hoping he has a miraculous recovery and is able to get baptised.
The mission is the best, i´m loving every second of it. We are working a ton with the branch here. We´re still trying to activate our mission leader. He hasn´t gone to church since i got here.. We watched "to this end was i born" with him to try and motivate him. He said he was going to go to church, but didn´t go.. It´s a little frustrating because every Sunday after church we go to his house to have our meeting and we usually find him asleep on the couch.. 

Elder Knowles and I are have a Jesus the Christ race! We´re going to see who can finish it first, but i already know he´s going to win. He´s reads like crazy!! It reminds me of Lexi when she reads Harry Potter. To be able to finish it quickly i take advantage of every second. I read while i´m cooking, eating, shaving, ironing... I love reading about the life of Jesus Christ. He literally was PERFECT in every aspect. I love that he and his fathers will were the same. I´m trying to become more like him, and it´s tough, but i challenge everyone to do the same! LOVE YOU ALL!!! Elder Mecham

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