Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter #88 1/28/13 District Conference!

Querido familia
í´m still here in Costa Rica and i´m still with Elder Knowles. Actually our whole district stayed the same and there were only a few changes in the zone. I´m glad to be staying here. It´s an smaller area than what i´m used to, but we teach a ton here. We also have some investigadors that are really starting to progress. The branch here is awesome. We recieved a ton of support this week. We had 12 lessons with the members which is the most i´ve ever had in one week. We regularly don´t have more than 7, one every day, but we have been getting the members pumped to teach with us and give us references. We mainly work with the recent converts. There´s about 5 here that have gotten baptised in the last couple years that are are super excited and always willing to help us. Sometimes in the lessons the even talk a little TOO much because of their love for the gospel and sharing it with others. It reminds me of how i felt when i had just left the MTC, wanting to talk with EVERYONE and thinking that EVERYONE was going to accept the gospel and be baptised because "who wouldn´t want to get baptised in the only perfect church?". We sometimes have to tell the Recent converts to let us do a little more teaching and invite them to simply share their testimony. I´m just greatful that they are willing to help us. It makes up for the lack of support we have from the leaders and "members since birth" that have lost their desire to share the gospel. Don´t ever become one of them! 

Yesterday we had the District conference. It was in la cruz de lota. A little city about the same size as Costa Rica that´s about 2 hours from here. We had one bus for the 2 branches that left from the church at 7 in the morning. Following the 2 hour conference we ate lunch, and then the leaders had a special 2 hour training meeting. We brought C, an investigador, and she had a great time. She sat through all 4 hours and said she enjoyed it. We didn´t get back to Costa Rica until almos 5 so she was able to spend almos the whole day with members, making friends, and being nourished by the good word of god. She was definately spiritually uplifted. 

Hno A got super sick and went to the hospital, i still say he has cancer. Hno B is still progressing but didn´t go to the conference. We´re going to be working a lot with him so that he goes to church this week. If not, we´ll have to consider leaving him for when he´s more prepared. 

I attached pictures of the house and of me making salsa in a rock. I love serving the Lord and I love the gospel. Elder Mecham

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