Monday, January 21, 2013

Letter #87 1/21/13 News from Mazatlan!

Hey everyone!
Good week. We taught a lot and found a few new investigadors. I´ve enjoyed being here in Costa Rica. I have a really small district, unlike my district in Culiacan, so i´ve been able to focus 100 percent of my time here in our area. This is the last week of this change, i almost can´t believe it. We shouldn´t have changes because after this change we´re going to have a mini 3 week change while waiting for the load of new missionaries that should be arriving from the MTC.

We are working a lot with an investigador named B. He´s awesome, he´s somebody i could definately be friends with after the mission, even though he´s 40 years old. He looks after his mom, who´s missing a leg, so he doesn´t work. His mom doesn´t really want to listen to us anymore. A, the old man who wants to get baptised, got really sick in the past week and wasn´t able to attend church. We´re going to pray for him so that he can get better and get baptised!

One of my highlights of the week was when i received a call from Elder Roman, who´s still in Mazatlan. He told me that 3 of the people we were teaching got baptised! First was hna S. She is the one that couldn´t get baptised beforehand because she was living with her x husband. I wasn´t surprised when he told me that, i always knew she would do it as soon as it was possible. What really surprised me was that this last Saturday her x husband got baptised! We taught him almost every time we taught hna S and i honestly didn´t have much faith in him. However, little be little i saw him change. When i left the area he shared told me how much he had appreciated our visits and that he would never forget the things he felt and learned. I still didn´t think he´d be getting baptised any time soon, but that shows that the Gospel literally changes lives. It helps people leave drugs, it helps people get out of debt, it brings families closer together, and i´m glad to be the tool by which people are hearing it. The third person is R, the Dentist that had been listening to the missionaries for 30 years. I almost cried when he told me that. I had so much respect for her and wanted SO bad that she joined the church. Í´m glad that she finally made the decision.

Thanks for everything you guys do! I´ll let you know what happens with the changes. I love being a missionary and i love the gospel. Love you all!!

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