Monday, January 14, 2013

Letter #86 1/14/13 Buena!!

Feeding the Lord's Sheep!

Dear family, Sounds like it´s cold! I know that the cold here is nothing compared to the cold in Utah, but it´s been cold here as well. During the day it´s fine, but at night it cools down a ton. I don´t know how cold it was last night but it felt like 35 degrees. Here insulated houses and heaters don´t exist so when it´s 40 degrees outside, it´s about the same temperature in the house. But no worries, last week a bought a sweater and i have some clothing that you sent last year so all is good.
Our house here is decent. It´s really small, but it´s on a giant piece of land. We have a massive back yard, and a patio in front. Definately way too much to clean on Pdays. We´re thinking about moving soon. The house is just 2 rooms; 1 room to sleep and study in, and a kitchen. Elder Knowles is from Smithfield, not springfield. We get along great. He´s 21, he left on the mission a little late. He studied at Utah State before the mission and worked. He´s gringo so of course all of his family members are members. We have a lot in common. He really likes hiking and being outside. He was studying something that has to do with gardening. He reminds me of dad because he loves plants. Here Costa Rica there are 2 branches. They´re both relatively small, but we have a chapel for both. I really don´t understand why they don´t join the 2 and make it a ward.. There are a lot of great members here. The Branch President is great, only problem is that he works a ton. Every week he leaves to the surrounding villages in the mountains to cell ice cream and is gone all week. Supposedly the people that live in the mountains here love Ice cream.

We had a good week feeding the Lords sheep, metaphorically and literally( I attached a pic). We have a lot of great investigadors right now. I´ve never had so many people that we´re teaching. We have put 12 baptism dates in the last 2 weeks, our only problem has been church. Only acompanied us yesterday. His name is A, and of all the investigadors we have, he lives the farthest from the chapel. He´s about 70 years old, lives in a little town about 10 minutes away, and is sick. Yet he was still able to make it to church! He should be getting baptised this month. I think i mentioned R last week. She´s missing a leg! We´re teaching her and her son. They weren´t able to go church, but they´re doing awesome. It just so happens that we found another guy without a leg! His name is I. That makes 2 legless investigadors. 

This past week we had interviews with Pres. Cantú. He´s an awesome guy. I have definately felt his love and have much respect. He has a very direct way of teaching, but there´s nothing wrong with that. He talked about how we need to do the will of the Lord, and not our own. 

About the cat, i get the chance to play with kittens and puppies here almost every day. There´s WAY to many here. I´m almost getting sick of it. I won´t be sad if i get home and the cat is already big. Do whatever you guys feel is right. 

LOVE YOU!! Elder Mecham

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