Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter #94 3/11/13 No voice!!

Dear familia

We had a great week.We´re teaching a lot of awesome people here. First of all, Hna A and her kids are still progressing super fast! They would be getting baptised this Saturday, but there´s a road block like always.. Hna A has to get divorced and then married before she can get baptised. But we´re not losing hope, she said that she´s willing to do it, but it could be a long process. We´re still hoping that her and her kids can get baptised this month! We´re also teaching her neighbor, a referal she gave us, and her sons friend. We had 5 investigadores in church yesterday! C isn´t quite as excited as beforehand, but he still has his baptism date for the end of this month. The problem is that there really aren´t other kids his age in church. He´s 14 and all we have are 2 young men, both less active and not very social. We need to do some serious prayer to find out what we can do to excite him. 

I won´t lie, i´m a little scared that there going to take me out of this area. We still have a long time to go until changes, but there are 8 missionaries from the Utah that are waiting for there visas that could arrive any time. I´m praying that i stay here for the rest of this change! It´s an awesome branch and i really think that at the end of this month we´re going to have several baptisms. 

This week i had a little reminder of my first couple months here in Mexico. I completely lost my voice and couldn´t preach! A missionary without his voice is like a car without a driver.. Worthless!! I was a little frustrated, it´s incredibly hard call people to repentance if you can´t talk! The past year and a half i basically have been talking ALL day EVERY day. Whether i´m talking with my companion or people we meet in the street, we´re always talking. I lost my voice Friday, and it was our turn to give talks on Sunday. On Friday i went to a clinic to see what they could do for me. It ended up being a great idea. They gave me shots! Only here in the clinics they don´t actually inject you, they just give you the medication and the seringe and send you off. My companion doesn´t know how to give a shot so we went with a sister who kindly helped me out. I took one shot every day and by Sunday i was ready to speak with a voice of a trumpet! And i needed it, the microphones were broken in the chapel and i had to give my talk like in the olden days. 

Something i´ve loved about Elder Lopez is his dedication to the scriptures. Every morning, before the regular study time, and every night after planning, he´s reading the scriptures. I´ve been trying to follow his example and it´s been awesome! I finished Jesus the Christ and am close to finishing Doctrine and Covenents again. I´m studying more than i ever have in the mission, i need to take advantage of every second i have! I know that i´ll never have another opportunity to study the scriptures like this again in my life. 

This week we´re planning on having a lot of success and giving it all. I hope you all have a great week!! Love Elder Mecham

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