Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter #93 3/4/13 A sucessful week!!

Dear family

This week was a week of success. We worked hard and were able to bring 4 new investigadors to church! That´s the most we´ve ever had here, and it´s pretty good considering that there were only 40 people in church in total. We are teaching a family! It´s a mom and her 3 kids, it would be much better if we were teaching the dad as well, but he´s not as excited as the rest. The mom´s name is Alma(soul in english). They loved church. I´m pretty sure that i told the story about how we found them in my last letter. They lived in the house of a reference from a street contact. The whole ward was talking helping them a ton, saying things like "we´re so excited for when you get baptised". We´ve haven´t talked with the mom since church but i´m pretty sure she either got really excited and is going to want to get baptised as soon as posible, or is scared to death. We´ve been praying that it´s the first option. 

We´ve also been teaching C a lot, he´s progressing but wasn´t able to go to church yesterday. We´ve been worried because there are zero kids his age in church, but we´ve deciced that our best option is going to be teach and baptise all his friends and their families! I´ll let you know how it goes. His friends actually love listening to us, but we don´t want to baptised anyone that´s just going to inactivate afterwards and more than often when teenagers get baptised and their parents don´t support their decision, they inactive quickly afterwards. 

We´ve been trying to be a little more creative with our teaching methods. Not a single lesson is the same because we teach people not lessons, but i won´t lie, after 20 months of teaching the restoration every day, there are a lot that are very similar. We´re trying to change that. I have a small white board that i bought a while ago and we´ve been using it in the lessons. During our lessons we´re constantly drawing, and making lists to help people better understand the basic principals of the gospel. We´ve had a lot of fun coming up with new ideas to teach. We also made visual aides to teach the church of Jesus Christ with profits and apostles. I never actually thought i could be creative, but my calling is bringing out my true talents! I´m hoping it sticks with me when I get home.

I´m glad to hear that i got accepted to BYU. It´ll be good to have the option when i get home. Also, i recieved the package!! Thanks mom!! Today we went to Culiacan with the district to go tie hunting. We had a good time. I bought an ab wheel that i´m pretty excited for. Got to go, but i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! 

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