Monday, August 8, 2011

Letter #11 Me encanta Mexico!!

Hey family!! You guys are in disneyland right now? I didn't  have time to read your emails yet but i'm going to print them off and read the tonight. Basically Mexico is the best place in the world. I got your package today!! Thanks for that. We don't have Much food in our house. I'm going to try to send you some pictures after i send this but i can't promise. I left my little connector in the apartment and we don't have much time today. But i'm gunna try don't worry. I'm glad you guys are going to be in Disneyland having a blast! We are going to be looking at the exact same ocean! You can see the ocean from our apartment, it's pretty sweet. We have an awesome view.
Mexico is basically the best place in the world. I love it here. All the people are so incredibly nice. Every day we have a meal with someone in the ward. It's always at around 2 or so and its basically the only meal that we need all day. It's crazy how much they expect us to eat. I will of had 2 plates and be stuffed and then they'll bring out a whole different entre to eat. Yesterday Elder Garcia literally ate so much that he threw up. I guess it's rude if you don't finish your plate.. I always tell them i only want a little but they don't know what that means. It's delicous though!! My favorite things so far are the tamallies. And yesterday i had frozen coconut milk that was really good. There's also a lot of mangos here so i've had a lot of those. But all the food is amazing. All the drinks too. The horchata is a million times better when it's homemade.
I'm pretty much loving everything about being a missionary. I love Elder Garcia. He speaks a little less english than i  do Spanish though. Everything he knows is from songs that he's heard. Communicating has definately been an adventure. Sometimes it will take us 20 minutes until i understand exactly what he said. I always know for the most part what he's saying but i like to all the words he used and make sure i understand the context and everything. A lot of times ill understand every thing he says, i know all the words, but when i translate it, it makes absoulutely no sense according to my understanding of the word. Lots of words have multiple meanings so he'll say it in one context hear it in a completely different context and we'll talk for a while until i totally understand. It's fun though and i'm enjoying learing. Spanish is pretty awesome.

I also love the teaching. It's really awesome when you randomly knock on someone's door and they let you come in and we teach and the spirit is there and everything makes sense to them. My only problem with my teaching is that i can't always understand what the investigador is saying, and our whole job is to teach to their needs and listen to what they say.. I don't always know what they say so i just teach what i know. If i ever miss anything Elder Garcia can adress it so it's no big deal. I'm going to love these next 2 years. I've already grown a ton and i'm only going to grow more. It's going to be pretty awesome when i can understand everything. All the people here are seriously so so nice. They offer us stuff whereever we go. All the members here are awesome. I guess if there's one thing that has surprised me the most it would be that we do a lot of teaching and retaining rescent converts. They told us we would in the MTC but it didn't really hit me how big of a problem it is that a lot of people get baptised and then just stop going to church and everything. Kind of sad..
This morning we played some f'utbol and basketball with the zone. It was pretty fun and i'm definately improving my futbol skills. Thanks for being such an awesome family and have fun in Disneyland!!

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