Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Letter #10 08/03/11 I made it to Mexico!!

Hey familia!!! How are you guys? It was really nice to talk with you guys on monday. there letting me write you guys today so that you know im alive. the keyboards are a little different here so my typing is not very good. im in cabo!! im excited. my companions name is elder garcia. hes really nice and from mexico city. he doesnt really speak a lot of english and i dont speak a lot of spanish but were going to make things work. so far its been a little hard communicating but im hoping to learn fast. i just barely arrived in cabo like an hour ago. there was one other elder from our group that came and we had to wait for today because you fly here. its a really small plane, only holds 10 people so it was a little scary. president cantu is really nice. he met us at the airport when we got to culiacan and took us back to the offices. we did interviews and he told us where we were going and who our trainers were going to be. i was pretty stoked when i heard i was coming here. all the other elders were pretty jealous. after interviews we went to his house and his wife had a delicous dinner waiting for us. Delicous tacos with way good guacomole and salsa! Im going to love the food here. After that we went to the our house we were going to sleep in. Its were the secretaries live and they have a lot of mattresses for when they have meetings and stuff. it wasnt a very nice house but it couldve been worse. There were a lot of dead cockroaches and random trash everywere and it was incredibly hot. they had fans but my room didnt have one. I definately didnt sleep very well but its okay i feel fully energized. i think iv gotten around 10 hours of sleep the last 3 nights. The next morning we got up and had a few meetings with the assistants and then everyone was off to there areas. I said goodbye to Elder Nordfelt but im sure ill see him again soon. They didnt really have much for the 2 of us going to cabo to do. We just sat around and read for a couple of hours until they told us we were going to go out and teach with them. It was pretty cool teaching for my first time, although i didnt say too much. we taught these 2 teanage kids the first lesson. It lasted 2 hours! I think that i was speaking for about 10 or 15 minutes of it but its allright. We got back to the house at about 10 because we had to pick up some elders from the bus station for a meeting. One downside of cabo is that you can only bring one suitcase because the plane is so small so i had to condense all my stuff againg.. I ended up leaving a lot of stuff in my other suitcase back in Culiacan but its mostly stuff that i dont think ill need anyways so its not really a big deal. Then i had to get up a 445 this morning to make it to the airport. The plan was seriously crazy. I wasnt even close to being able to stand up in it. It was also a little tough because nobody spoke english in the airport, but we made it witout any real problems. Our house here is pretty sweet, its a lot nicer than the one in Culiacan, and its yellow! im really excited to serve here. I think that Elder Garcia is going to be an awesome trainer and ill be able to learn a lot from him. I hope he'll be able to put up with my lack of spanish, but im going to work my hardest to learn. I feel like i really just need a little more confidence and ill be okay. My usual p days are monday, by the way and ill try to send you my address and a couple pictures next time. I love you guys!!

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