Monday, August 15, 2011

Letter #12 8/15/11 Go Mexico!!

Eight new missionaries and President & Sister Cantu!

Landon's first missionary apartment ... Cabo!

First companion... Elder Garcia!

Did we send him to Mexico or outer space?

Landon Scissorhands!
Mexico is pretty amazing. Im glad you guys all had fun in Disneyland! Im a little jealous of that.. I was thinking you guys should definately pick me up after my mission and we can come here to cabo. Everyone says that the beaches are really awesome. I've definately enjoyed all the oatmeal and treats that you sent me. Thanks a ton! Just a thought, if you wanted you could send my CDs and there are members here that can put them on my ipod for me. Theres one album that everyone says is really good its called something like a Nashville rendition tribute to Joseph smith, something like that. Just a thought if you wanted. I dont think theres a specific rule here for music, just the standard missionary rule that it said in my packet. Enya and Classical music and stuff like that is all good. Weve really enjoyed having my ipod.
Im going to send you the pictures today. Our house is pretty awesome. You can see the Ocean from our Shower!! Its a little ways away, but its there. I hear our apartment is a lot nicer than a lot of other places in the mission so we're pretty lucky. We have a small problem with bugs. Theres a lot of ants in our apartment. Lexi probably could never live there. They are all over the counter and our plates and sometimes crawl on my scriptures. I just brush them off its not really a big deal. Everything else is really sanitary. Except the other day when we were at a members house i saw something that kind of scared me. They were eating dinner and had set a plate aside in there kitchen and when they werent looking 2 mice ran over from behind their microwave and started eating off the plate. I told them and they just said it was no big deal and gave the plate to their kid. But i guess if they're all still living and healthy its really not a big deal. I tried Menudo for the first time. I dont really understand why people here like it. I can eat it but i definately wouldnt say that i enjoy it. Everything else has been pretty amazing though.
Saturday was a big day cause the Stake Choir had a performance. They were surprisingly really really good. It was kind of weird though cause after every song everyone would clap their hands and after a testimony at the end everyone gave a huge applause.. The spirit was still there though so its all good. I didnt realize that it was going to be this hard to get investigadors to go to church. We have a lot of people who are taking the lessons and who are understanding everything and reading in the book of mormon but have major problems with church. Everyone works all day sunday.. We're going to work really hard this week. I love being a missionary and i Know the church is true. Love you guys!!

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