Monday, September 5, 2011

Letter #15 9/05/11 Hey Family!!

Elder Garcia! Thumbs up!!

Landon is happy to be in Cabo!!

Dear family.
This week has been really good, just like every week. I hope everything is good in Utah. Thats awesome that taylor and Brandon are both in mexico!!! Ive loved getting the emails from all my friends and im glad that more people are joining. This week i got a couple letters from freinds so that is nice. Im going to write them back today i hope. And im glad to hear from the killbournes and the Lloyds! To answer all your questions, my feet are fine and i reallylike my shoes. I dont need to filter my water because we buy filtered water. Its really cheap, like 1 dollar for a 5 gallon jug. We walk alot, but it all depends on the day. Some days more than others.
This week we had a lot of success with our investigadors. A fewhem are really progressing. Were teaching 2 guys who are awesome. One is allready baptised but has been inactive for about 10 years. He got baptised in Utah and lived there for about 10 years so he speaks English! We dont really speak english that much but we have talked a lot about Utah and everything. Were teaching his friend who is awesome. They both really want to change and i think were going to baptise the friend this week.
We have another investigador who we thought was kind of falling away because we hadnt seen him for a week and a half, but then yesterday he came to church! He is really busy with work and family and everything but he loves the church and i think were going to baptize him really soon.
My weekend was pretty good too. We had a sleepover last night!! haha we had to smoke our house because weve been having major bug problems and they told us that we couldnt sleep there saturday night, so we slept over at the house of 2 other Elders in our District. They have air conditioning!!! It was probably my best nights sleep yet and i didnt even have a bed. And now our house is clean and bug free. It was pretty bad before.. Bugs were everywhere. The weather this week has been amazing!! Weve had a constant cool Breeze, i hope it lasts..
Pretty sure yesterday was the most ive eaten my entire life, and it was a fast sunday! We had a meal right after church which was delicous but i was stuffed, and 2 hours after that we went to a recent converts house to celebrate her birthday with cake, and a full plate of spaggetti, and right after that we went to the house of an investigador and they were eating and just kept puting plates in front of us.. The people here are all super nice!! But i kind of wish they didnt force us to eat so much.. But everything is delicous!
Oh and we were witnesses at a wedding!! That was pretty awesome. Its really cool to watch people change their lives and gain testimonies. I love being a missionary!!

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