Monday, September 19, 2011

Letter #17 9/19/11 Mexico Independence Day!!

Hey family! This week was the week of mexicos independence. Everyone was crazy! At 11 PM all the people shout viva mexico and party a ton, but i was asleep... But i had a really good week, for the most part.. Its really frustrating with the our investigadors. We have awesome investigadors but we cant get them baptised!! And yesterday not one of our 4 powerhouse investigadors showed up to church.. I was pretty dang depressed.. And it got worse when Elder Garcia told me that when we dont have investigadors in church we have to leave after sacrament meeting to go contacting. I thought he was joking until we actually left and contacted houses.. Haha but its all good i know that all the rules are inspired by God.

But other than that the week was awesome! Last P day we went to Puerto Paraiso!! Its a really nice tourist place with a lot of stores and boats and gringos. I had been there before but only for like 30 minutes. We had a lot of time to waist so we walked around in all the stores looking for cheap ties. I bought one for 3 dollars! Mckell would like it, its a baby blue, slightly skinny tie. This week i also ate what i hope will be the worst meal of my mission, and thats Patas de Puerco (pig feet). It was basically just bone and fat... Elder Garcia said that it was by far his worst and hes been here for over a year. I dont see how people can like food like that..

The 15 of september was the big day for all the Mexicans. We had to be in our houses by 7 that day because of all the partying and drinking and everything. Elder Garcia and I ordered mexican pizza and soda and went up on the top of our apartment to eat it. The best part was definately the fireworks!! And i guess the 16th is still kind of a holiday for them so the 16th the ward had a party at night and we got to attend. It was a blast! The had a cooking competition out of all the relief society so everyone brought there best dish and we got to try all of it. We had an investigador, C, show up and he loved it. C is awesome! Hes for sure going to get baptised. Hes already come to church 4 times. His only problem is that hes incredibly busy so we can never teach him. Weve only taught him 2 times and weve know him for over a month.

Our big challenge this week was finding our investigadors. We had a lot of fallen appointments so its making things tough. Elder Garcia and I are still doing great. Hes really patient and extremely nice. We can communicate much better than my first week and so im getting to know him really well. Im glad that ill be able to work with him again this next cambio. Theres definately a lot i can learn from him and the way he works with the investigadors and members. One thing ive loved about him is that he treats everybody as a friend, not just an investigador or another member. The people here have a lot of confidence in us because of that.

I have a lot of good pictures i want to send but still dont have a converter, but today im going to buy one. And we have a confrence with president cantu tommorrow so im hoping that your package arrived! If not ill get it the first of october. I love you all and i love being a missionary!

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