Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter #18 09/26/11 Hola from Cabo!!

Dear Family
I´m loving everything about the mission. This last week i learned a whole lot because we had a zone conference with President Cantu!! That was probably the hightlight of the week. He is a pretty amazing guy. He pretty much just talked to us for 2 hours about how every day we can see miracles and got us all super pumped with the spirit! We´ve had the same investigadors for over a month now and we still can´t get them baptised.. But this friday we have a baptism scheduled with A and she is super excited! I have pretty much no doubt that she´s going to get baptised this friday. I´m excited because it will be my first one! And we have about 5 other investigadors right now that are really close, so i´m thinking that octububer we´re going to have a lot! Yesterday in Church we had 6 investigadors! It´s awesome seeing people attend for their first time and love everything. I can´t imagine how happy their going to be when they get baptised!

We have 6 Elders in our ward because the ward is huge, and those same 6 are in my district. In Cabo there are 2 church buildings and both have 2 wards that meet in them. Our Zone has 20 people. There are a ton of members here, but not so many are active. There´s a ton of people that get baptised and after a couple months become inactive. But every sunday the chapel is completely full. Sacrament meeting is crazy here because people literally refuse to leave the chapel when there babies are crying. And it´s also not uncommon at all to have a lady breastfeeding with baby without a blanket or anything during the meeting. I don´t undrstand why it´s so hard to cover up!!

I think every day i´m becoming more and more mexican. Every monday we play soccer with the other missionaries and it´s becoming my favorite sport. Also, when people dont have chili and tortillas i usually don´t enjoy the meal. But it´s ok because i love mexicans. Ceviche is probably my favorite meal here. It´s raw fish or shrimp with lots of veggies and lime. I love it because it´s really fresh.

I hope you guys have had an awesome week!! And that BYU was able to win... You might want to concider sending me another USB convertir for my camera.. I can´t find one here. Also i didnt get my package tuesday but i´m pretty sure i´ll get it soon. I´m so excited for Conference!! Pray that i´ll have investigadors there because if not we can´t watch.. Love you Guys!!

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