Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter #19 Hola Family!!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the emails! I love reading whats going on in utah. I'm glad everyone is well! We just had an insanely long zone meeting so we dont have that much time today. But we played soccer for 2 hours in the morning so its all worth it. Im loving soccer more every time i play! And thanks for the package!! I got it today. I didnt have much time to look through it but everything looks great. Thanks for the CDs and the pictures of the family at disneyland!! My zone loved them. haha. And thats awesome that Hermano Fox is in the ward!! He was one of my favorite teachers in the MTC, i liked all our subs but Hermano Fox was easily my favorite. 

So this week wasnt as great as all the rest.. haha but i learned a ton!! Now that i can speak and understand spanish a little bitter ive had a little bit more responsibility with everything. Its been harder but its good because ive learned everything that i need to improve on. I feel like this week ive really grown a ton. So we had a baptism set up with A. She is one of our strongest investigators and has a solid testimony, a best friend in the ward, and was really excited to get baptised. We didnt think that anything was going to be able to stop her from getting baptised. But Friday we waited and waited for her to show up and finally, 10 minutes after her service was supposed to start, she sent us a message saying she doesnt feel ready... I was pretty bummed.. We still havent talked to her since so we dont know exactly whats going on. Thats pretty much the only super depressing thing that happened during the week but we have faith that this friday shes going to get baptised. I think that right now i really need to work on my patience and my faith, actually i need to work on all my Christlike attributes, but especially patience and faith. I feel like at times those 2 kind of contradict each other.. Haha but were going to work really hard this week so that we can have a baptism this Friday. I still havent had a single one!!! And theres only 3 weeks left in this cambio!! We probably have 5 people right now that have a lot of potential to be baptised in these next 3 weeks but were going to have to work really hard and rely on the spirit for everything. 

The best thing of the week was definately General Conference!! Of the ones that we were able to assist i was able to watch in English! They had a separate room for all the gringos. Haha and there were surprisingly more than just missionaries. Theres 2 gringo families in our stake. 100 percent white. I dont know how long they've lived here but i asked one of the kids who is 12 years old where hes from and he told me Cabo San Lucas. Haha i love Mexico but i dont have any plans to raise my family here.

Well thanks for everything!! I love you all and i wish you all success in the week to come. Adios!!

Elder Mecham

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