Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter #22 10/24/11 Hey Everyone!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the emails! Im excited to read everything. I hope that lexi and Mckell are happy in school and dating lots of boys, but not too many, and that Dad enjoyed Maryland. Thats sweet that get to travel there now too! And Mom, I hope youre loving teaching and the wonderful fall weather. Its continuing to be pretty hot here but surprisingly it doesnt really bother us. Once youre used to sweating all day it just feels natural.
We had another great week. We found out our cambios on Saturday. Elder Garcia went to Culiacan and i stayed here in Cabo. Im definately going to miss Elder Garcia. Hes a great missionary and i learned a ton from him. I feel blessed to have such an amazing first companion. But im excited for this next cambio here in Cabo with my new companion Elder Carrillo. Hes from from Mexico City, really small, and im his last companion that hes going to have. He goes home in December, which means that he has tons of experience. Were going to have a lot of success in these next 6 weeks so that he can go home happy.
Yesterday, being Elder Garcias last day in the area, we spent a lot of time saying goodbye to people. I think the highlight of my week was last night when we went to the hospital to see a baby of one of the recent converts in the ward. The baby was just born Saturday and is basically an angel. But when we were leaving the hospital someone shouted out for us in a different room. It was an old lady who has been really sick the last week and new that we were with the Church and begged us to give her a blessing. After we gave her the blessing she was basically crying when she thanked us and the spirit was incredibly strong. I know that we were guided there by the spirit. I am loving being a missionary!
I weighed myself last week and the scale said that ive lost 15 pounds since i last weight myself in our home. Im pretty sure its 15 pounds of pure muscle. I had to leave my perferct pushups in Culiacan.. Also i havent received the package from grandma yet but im sure ill get it our next zone meeting which should be in a week or 2. Thanks Grandma!!!!!! I feel really lucky to have a loving caring family at home. Thanks!
I sleep good every night. I normally fall asleep within 15 minutes and am out until my alarm sounds at 6:27. And i havent had any problems with feeling sick or anything. Acually Elder Garcia had a lot more problems than i did. I think i have a super tough stomach because i know that a lot of stuff we eat isnt completely sanitary. But im alive and i feel good so i really dont care. And everything tastes good and thats all that really matters. I felt pretty bad for Elder Garcia last week, he wasnt feeling good and had huge blisters on his feel and we walked more than any week yet. Hes a trooper.
Well love you!!! Ill write you again in a week!   Elder Mecham

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