Monday, October 10, 2011

Letter #20 10/10/11 Hola Family!!


Good week. A got baptised!! I wish i could send the pictures but i still can´t find my converter.. But it was awesome!! I got to baptize her, it was great!! A and her whole family are awesome! She has 3 kids, all boys, ages 1,3, and 6. They were all there and loved it. Thanks for those disneyland mints you sent me, those pretty much made it possitble that we were able to have the spirit during the baptism. All the kids were going crazy during the talks and testimonies, running all over the place and shouting, so before we left the room for the baptism i gave them my can of mints and they sat down and ate them in quietness during the baptism. Im really happy that i finally had a baptism, but now we really don´t have that many other investigadors that are really potential. We have one named P who is super strong, attends church every week, loves reading in the book of mormon, but isn´t married to her boyfriend who she lives with. I know she´ll get baptised because she loves the church but she´s not planning on getting married for a while, like 6 months.. But we´re going to change that today. Haha she really is awesome though, sometimes she calls us just to say that she read in the LDM and loved it or to confirm our next appointment or things like that. Other than her we don´t really have that many other people. We´re going to search hard this week to find more. The word of wisdom has been a huge problem here. I don´t think they have D.A.R.E. in their schools here because almost every male over the age of 20 smokes tabaco. It´s rare to find a nonmember that doesn´t smoke. 

Thanks a ton for the package! I was able to listen to the CD´s on a stereo that someone lent me. Their awesome! But right now i´m having some problems with my ipod.. It won´t turn on or anything. You might want to consider sending me copies of all the CD´s that you bought in case i can´t fix it. I´m in the process of trying but im having some problems. You don´t have to worry about sending me a liahona. We get the Liahonas every month. I never new how awesome they are!! The one for October is sweet! If you haven´t read it i would definately recommend it to you. 

Grandma said that she knows an Elder Foulger in the mission so i asked Elder Garcia if he knows him and he said that he does and that is a great Elder. He said that he worked with him for a day in Sinaloa. I hope i meet him before he leaves! Sounds like we´re cousins or something. 

We have a good morning today. We went tie shopping with the district. I bought 2 pretty sweet ties for way cheap. They run at about 3 dollars a peice here!! I wanted to but more but i also bought a couple cords for my ipod and speakers. I hope i can work this out.. 

Well I love you all, hope you all have a wonderful week and read your scriptures every day. Adios!!

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