Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter #21 10/17/11 Hey Everyone!!

Hola! Another good week. Thanks for the emails, Im glad to hear from Rachel and Ryan! Im excited to read their letter and see how things are in europe. Were writing really late this week cause weve been busy all day trying to fit in as many things as possible for what is very possibly Elder Garcias last P day in Cabo, and one of the Elders in our districts, Elder Palmars, last P day in the mision! Hes our Zone Leader and is a great Elder. We played Soccer this morning for a good 2.5 hours. We found a small court with turf! We were excited because normallly we only play on cement. Im kind of starting to miss basketball.. But soccer is still awesome.

We had a good week but we are really struggling with our numbers. We are having a lot of trouble meeting our goals and its a problem that weve had for the past month. We have a couple awesome investigadors but one needs to get married and we are pretty sure that the other moved last week so we really only have one.. We have others but nobody thats really potential. We have to find more people!!! That will probably be our focus for this week.

I had a really good day thursday. We did divisions with another compionship in our district so i went to work in their area and Elder Garcia stayed in our area. I worked with Elder Martinez and we had a blast. We did a whole whole lot of hiking in the desert. Their area is half house and half desert and the only way to get from neighborhood to neighboorhood is hiking in the desert. There were times when we were hiking for literally 30 minutes with out anything around us except cactuses and sand. I had fun for the day but i think i like my area more. We have awesome members and an awesome view of the ocean. The morning after the divisions we played soccer! I love starting off the day with sports. I wish we could do it every day.. Im also starting to learn a lot of slang words. Were teaching this guy from Mexico City and the first lesson i couldnt understand anything he said because it was all weird slang. Spanish is crazy but im starting to feel pretty comfortable.

I ate a ton of fish this week, and yesterday we had sushi! I love cabo. Im hoping i stay here another change but well see.

I hope that everyone has an awesome week, I love you!!

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