Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter #51 5/14/12 Happy Mother's Day!

The "tree" extension, where they have sacrament meeting each Sunday.

Landon's awesome district!
The bathroom at the "tree extension"

Most of the Angostura branch!

Menudo- Landon's favorite dish... not!

Hola family! It feels like i just talked to you all. I enjoyed being able to talk to everyone and i hope i was able to answer all your questions. I feel like i didn´t really get to here too much from you guys, but that´s all right, more than anything i´m just glad to hear that everyone´s doing well. I´m attaching a few pictures. One is of menudo, a famous dish consiting of cow intestine that everyone loves. I´ve had the wonderful oportunity of being able to try it 2 times in my whole mission. If you don´t think it looks that appetizing i can promise you it tastes worse... I also sent a picture of the tree that gives us shade during the extension sacrament meeting and the ward bathroom that´s located behind the giant tree. There´s also a picture of my wonderful district that i thought you might like. All four of us. And the last one is of the majority of the branch members after the A´s baptism. Hope you enjoy them, i´m gunna try to be better at sending pictures every week.

This last week we focused almost all of our time in the 4 baptism dates that we have coming up this Friday and weren´t really able to find many new investigadors. I also had the interesting experience of being able to dedicate a grave. I had never met the guy who died but i guess he was a member of the ward. The President didn´t even know him, but his wife is a member who goes consistantly. Last week he was peacefully eating a peice of chicken, alone, when a bite got stuck in his throat and he choked to death. It´s crazy to think how fast your life can end. That´s why it´s so important to ALWAYS choose the right and stay in the straight and narrow path.

I wanted to share something from President Cantu. It´s 3 steps to prayer that can help us to be able to recieve the answers with more ease. 1. Detect the problem 2. Do everything in your power to fix it 3. Pray specifically, saying what we´re going and willing to do with our own efforts, making a promise, and asking for the blessing with 100 percent faith without doubting anything. I´ve drastically been trying to improve my prayers and recently i´ve seen huge differences. I think it´s most important to ask for specific blessings or ask specific quesions. I know that God answers our prayers when promise to do our part and have 100 percent faith. I have a couple stories, but they´re really long. You´ll have to remind me to tell them in the next phone call. haha

Well i love you all. Thanks for the call yesterday. Mother, i hope that you know how much i love you and i hope you had a spectacular mothers day. Hasta Luego!!

Elder Mecham

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