Thursday, June 21, 2012

Letter #56 6/18/12 Buena Semana

Landon and Elder Romero at the internet cafe!
Querido familia,
I hope you all had a wonderful week. We were working pretty hard here in Angostura and had a pretty good week. Mom, you can send the backpack directly to the Elder. He was my companion in San Jose. Thanks a ton for doing that. I hope you All had a great fathers day!! Especially dad. Thanks for being an awesome father. In case you were wondering, it was also fatherss day here yesterday. We didn´t do anything to celebrate, but a lot of members wished us a happy fathers knowing that one day we will be fathers. Haha but seriously, thanks for being a great dad. There´s a lot of great examples here of horrible dads and it´s definately made me really greatful for the great father i have at home.

This week we worked super hard! Lots of searching... We don´t have a lot of investigadors right now so we´ve been on the hunt. Unfortunately we weren´t able to find many people during the week.. We have been trying to take the advise from President Cantu and it´s to use specific prayers. He says that we should ask for specific blessings, for example: we shouldn´t just ask that we can find an escogido, we should ask that as we leave lunch that we can see a middle aged women with a red shirt and that we can help her with her grocery bags and that afterwards she can give us 3 references and that one of the references can be a family of 4, and that we can find them, challenge them to get baptised, and that every single one commits and goes to church the next sunday. It´s been pretty interesting.. We´re still trying to master the whole concept, but we´ve allready seen a few awesome blessings through the prayers we´ve been making. Like i said, during the week we weren´t able to find very many people, but we had a ton of members bring friends to church!! I´m 100% certain that god answered our prayers by helping the members bring their friends.

We are still working really hard with F but we weren´t able to find him all week and this Friday he fell and drank.. It´s really hard to see someone that is super excited to get baptised have to wait because of addictions that they can´t quite get over. It´s crucial that when we have an investigador with an addiction that we try to have contact with him every day, but with F it´s been a battle to be able to find him. He lives in a city that we don¨t visit too often and is almos always working. But F is really hard to find.... But we´re going to keep doing everything possible to help him so that he can get baptised in these next few days.

Well i love you all, i hope you have a splendid week!! Thanks for being awesome

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