Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter #54 6/4/12 Hump Day!!

Dear familia
I hope you all had a great week! Thanks for sending me all thos pictures. I loved the ones Marcie sent, i´m glad to know that the family is doing good. Jackson looks like a stud and sounds like slater is doing great in lacross. I´m pretty sure there´s not a person here who knows what lacross is.. And it looks like Mckell had a great time on her trip! So i still haven´t recieved the package yet but it sounds like my zone leaders have it, it´s just a matter of time until we have the zone meeting. It also sounds like i recieved a few letters! Thanks to those who sent them, it meens a lot. Mother, i´d love to get the addresses of my friends so that i can write them if it´s possible.

!Zaz, un año! I seriously can´t believe it, it definately doesn´t feel like i´ve already been gone for a year. The truth, it´s a little sad. I still have SOO much i want to learn! I know that i´ll never stop progressing as a missionary and i´ll probably never arrive to be the missionary i´m striving to become, but i hope i can take advantage of this year that i have left and not take a single moment for granted. I´m in the process of making some goals for the next year. I wanted to make goals in the begginning of my mission but i really had no clue where to start. I want to be able to look back on my mission with zero regrets and be able to say that i litterally gave everything i had. And don´t worry mom, i plan on having fun as well.

We had a pretty awesome experience last night. We were trying to find the house of a less active member and while asking a señora if she knew the member we were looking for we felt the impression to ask if we could share a message with her. The señora was in the middle of hand scrubbing her clothes, which is a long process, but she let us in anyways. She started telling us about she´s had a rough couple weeks. Her cousin has brain cancer and her husband left her. We shared a scripture that i love, Romana 8:18. It says that the suffring we´ll have here is not worthy to be compared to the glory which we be revealed in us. We testified that we know we´ll be able to return to the presense of God and live in eternal happiness shared that sometimes we can´t comprehend why we have such tough trials here, but that through Christ we can always find joy. She started crying, but i know it was the spirit testifying to her that everything we shared was true. I hope i can keep have experiences like that every day of my mission!

Yesterday A and J passed the sacrament together. I´m so proud of them! It feels great to see my converts using the preisthood. Well i love you all! Have a great week, Elder Mecham

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