Monday, June 25, 2012

Letter #57 Buenas Tardes 6/25/12

Hola family,

We're writing a little later than usual today. I was able to read all your letters beforehand today, first time in the whole mission. I'm glad to hear that everything is holding together at home. I'm praying for Grandma Rassusman, i hope everything is okay. Mom, sounds like you've been sacrificing quite a bit to help her. You're awesome. That's sweet about Jacob! I hope everything is okay with Erick, tell the family hi for me. This last week i was thinking about all the awesome young mens leaders i had and their great examples. Be sure to tell all of them thanks for me.

This past week was pretty decent. We started out strong. We found a few new investigadors, we challenged a lot of people to get baptised, had a lot of success, until Thursday.. I don't want to say that we stopped having success but Elder Romero's tooth starting bothering him. He woke up Friday with even moer pain and it ended up affecting our work a WHOLE lot. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were only able to work a few hours each day when it started cooling down a bit in the evenings. It turns out he needs a root canal. He has a pretty bad infection and being outside in the hot sun causes his whole cheek to swell up like a balloon. The pain pretty much sucks all the energy out of him so he's been sleeping the majority of the day while i've been trying to be productive. We're hoping that tomarrow we'll be able to start working hard again. He is getting his root canal Wednesday. This whole experience has reminded me of the importance of dental care. It's something that's highly neglected here in Mexico.

Sunday we were both chosen to be the speakers in sacrament meeting, due to Elder Romero's tooth i did him the favor of talking the ENTIRE meeting. It went pretty well. I spoke about the Grace and the "enabling power" of atonement. Grace is split into 4 blessings according to the Liahona. 1) Ressurrection 2) Redemption 3) Strength 4) healing. I focussed my talk in the strength we can recieve, both physical and emotional. I've gotten good practice speaking in the area since we litterally speak EVERY SINGLE week in the extension.

 Investigador wise we have found a few new people whole look potential but still no escogidos. F came to church alone after not having seen him for a week and a half. There's a good chance that he'll be getting baptised this week but we still haven't put the date on the board.  Sadly, we are afraid that A is hiding from us. We're a little confused but we're going to keep battling to find her. Well i love you all. Hope you have a wonderful week, especially Lexi and Mckell. BE SAFE!! love Elder Mecham

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