Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter #58 7/2/12 Mazatlan!

Looks Happy!!

Lovin the food but still losing weight!

Landon and Elder Romero!

Dear family,

Today i'm very surprised to be writing you from Mazatlan. I just arrived and don't know much about the area, but my companions name is Elder Lara. Don't know much about him but he seems pretty cool and somebody that i could be good friends with. I won't lie, it was hard saying goodbye to Angostura. I wasn't really expecting to leave, but i know that we are the changes are inspired and i'm excited to be here. From what i can see i'm really going to enjoy Mazatlan. It's a huge city with a lot of ranchitos and other neighborhoods that surround it, but it seems that our area is pretty close to being the center of the city. I know that the tourism is pretty famous here so it'll be interesting to see if there are as many gringos here as in los cabos. 

This past week in Angostura we weren't really able to do to much work because of Elder Romero's tooth, but when we worked we worked super hard and were able to make up for lost time. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we stayed inside during the hottest hours of the day and i was able do a lot of reading in the New Testament as well as in Jesus the Christ. I've continued to LOVE reading and studying the life of Jesus Christ. The stories found in the New Testament have been a huge help to me in all my mission. On a less spiritual note, i also learned how to succesfully complete a rubix cube!! All thanks to Elder Romero. 

Thursday we went to Dentist in Culiacan for Elder Romero. Turns out you can't really trust the dentists in the small farm towns.. Friday and Saturday we worked super hard making up for all the time we had lost. We founds a few new investigadors and set a few baptism dates but unfortunately none of them came to church sunday. However, i still feel that we were blessed Sunday with for our hard work. There's a kid in the branch named V, he's 11 years old and still hasn't gotten baptised. His parents are both active and his grandpa is the Branch President. He's a little rebelios and understood that baptism is a big commitment. Turns our a couple weeks ago he got really sick and ended up needing an operation. We gave him a blessing a couple days beforehand and the when the time came around for his operation he was completely healed. He obviosly remembered the blessing we gave him and recognized his recovery as a blessing from God. Yesterday he asked us if he could get baptised this Saturday!! I won't be there but I'm incredibly happy for him and i know the priesthood is real and powerful and through it we can see miricles.

It sounds like here we walk alot. It's been about 6 months since i was in an area that walked more than sat in cars so it'll be interesting to see if i hold up. After having so much time in   "lazy" areas i'm surprised that i've contuned losing weight. It shows that i diet of pure frijoles and tortillas works for something, even though i'm 100 sure i've lost pure muscle. My zone here is made up of almost pure gringos. It'll be a big change from my last one. Also, i got a package from Grandma!! Thanks Grandma, i love you and you're amazing. I also got the family history packet you sent me, i've already read quite a bit. I love the Pioneers!! Thanks mother. I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the heat, 

Love Elder Mecham

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