Monday, July 16, 2012

Letter #60 7/16/12 Hey!!

Buenas tardes familia,

Wow the pictures are all awesome! Thanks for sending those. Looks like you guys all had a blast. I can´t wait for next year!! Wow, Steve Nash playing for the Lakers.. I´m a little upset about that. I hope he comes to his senses before the season starts and signs with the Jazz! I don´t really hear much about the NBA here, actually i don´t hear anything.. They´re a little more in to soccer here.

Unfortunately we didn´t have a baptism last week, but the good news is that this weekend we have 2 scheduled! We have been teaching 2 niñas, L and L. They are sisters and there parents are less active members. They have 11 and 12 años and are super excited! I´ve had a little stress about the whole situacion because we don´t want them to get baptised and afterwards go inactive. That commonly happens when children in inactive families get baptised. It´s been a tough decision to make but we talked with the President of the primary and she commited to go and pick up the niñas every week and bring them to church so now it´s all set. We have also found a few new investigadors that look promising, we´re going to keep working hard and hope for a month full of baptisms!

Not much new happened this week. I went to the Dentist! We have an investigador that is a dentist and she gave us free checkups and cleanings. I had a cavity and she fixed it right there on the spot. I was glad that i got it all taken care of. Elder Lara has 9 cavities!! We´re going to go right now to get them all fixed. Elder Lara is awesome. I can´t remember if i´ve told you a lot about him but he is 20 like me and we get along great. Before the mission he was training to run track in the olympics but he gave it up to serve his mission. He has a girlfriend but isn´t too distracted and is the oldest in his family.

It feels great to be right in the middle of my mission. I feel like i´ve reached the point where i´m almost 100 percent focused in the mission. Almost all of my thoughts of the past are of past experiences i´ve had in the mission and when i think about the future i think about my future in the mission. I hope i can keep this going for the rest of my mission. I´d say the more focused you are in where you´re at, the happier you´ll be. And i´ve definately found that true as a missionary.

A downside of this area is that we wash by hand.. however after the first week i got sick of it and took all my shirts to a laundrymat and the washed and ironed everything! It´s not that i´m lazy, it´s just that i´d rather do other things like reading than washing my clothes every night. Also, i bout some new pants today, they should last the rest of the mission. Well i love you all a ton. Hope you take care and have a wonderful week.

con mucho amor,
Elder Mecham

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