Friday, July 13, 2012

Letter #59 7/9/12 Lake Powell!

The map!  Quite a work of art!

Hey family! First of all, i won't lie, i'm a little jealous that everyone is at lake powell right now as i'm writing this letter. I hope that you're all having a great time and that you send me loads of awesome pictures! I want to hear all about it. To tell you the truth i had completely forgotten that you guys were there until right now, we've been extremely busy every day. Elder Lara doesn't have too much time here in this area, only  2 more weeks than me, so we are learning the area together. We've spent a ton of time organizing the area book and making a map of our area. I think Mckell would be really impressed with the map that we are making. It's huge, about 2 meters in lenth and 2 meters tall. We have color coordinated stickers for every active member, less active member, recent convert, investigadors, old investigadors, and future investigadors. It is awesome! Our planning sessions have been incredibly time efficient and it's also helped us to be able to work more efficiently during the day. We're going to be finishing the map this week and i'll be sure to send you a picture.

Also, we had a baptism! Her name is G, she is about 75 years old and is the mother of a member. She is awesome! Her daughter got baptised about 10 years ago and she literally had to go behind her mom's back in order to do it. She was super catholic and didn't want anything to do with the church. Over the past 10 years the missionaries have been visiting her on and off and little by little her seed sprouted and grew until she had a firm testimony and decided to get baptised! We were actually a little surprised, we passed by Tuesday and asked what she thought about baptism and she told us the same old thing she's said to every missionary that's ever passed by, " I need more time". We challenged her to pray and ask God if she should get baptised that Saturday and when we passed by on Thursday she said she had recieved her answer. She didn't hesitate at all and told us she was ready. Her baptismal service was probably the most spiritual service i've ever gone to, her daughter gave her testimony after her baptism and after that G gave hers and they we both holding back tears the entire time. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to participate a small portion in witnessing her conversion to the gospel and baptism. 

Elder Lara is another Mexican. We get along great, he really likes to joke around but at the same time knows how to work hard. He has about 7 months in the mission. I absolutely LOVE my area. The members are awesome, we have a big clean house, and it's really pretty here. I'd say Mazatlan is a better vacation spot than Cabo. Everything is cheaper and it's a lot cleaner. We also have an awesom zone here, everyone is really united and friendly. This week Elder Lara and I are planning on running to the top of a giant hill by our house where there's a lighthouse, I'll be sure to send you pics if we do it. My area here is a lot different than the other areas that i've had. There's a lot more city and a lot less farm. Luckily it's right on the beach so i don't feel too trapped. 

I hope you guys enjoy lake powell and make it home safely. I love every one on you and pray for you daily. Have an excelent week. 

Love, Elder Mecham

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