Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter #63 8/06/12 Aquarium!

Landon's newest investigator!

Landon and Elder Lara hope to be together for another change!

A friend in Mazatlan!

Hey family! We had a pretty awesome week. I loved the pictures you sent! I always love getting pictures. Looks like you had a good time at the cabin and lexi´s trip looked awesome! I say our family does a trip like that in about a year. I´m glad to know that everyone´s enjoying this last little bit of summer. I´m just hoping i can make it through this August heat. Everyone says that August is the worst month as far as the heat goes and i believe it.
This last week we had a super spiritual experience with an eternal investigador. She has been listening to the misionaries on and off for the last 20 years. We are hoping that now is her time to finally make the decision and get baptised! In the lesson we were just asking questions, testifying, and reading scriptures in order to find what´s been stopping her from getting baptised. Afterwards we challenged her to pray and ask if she should get baptised. She said that last prayer and asked and instantly started to cry and couldn´t stop. I know that she was touched by the holy ghost and that she felt that she needs to get baptised. The spirit was so strong! We´re going to keep praying so that she can finally decide to act according to her answer. 

We have a very posible baptism for this saturday. He´s a kid named J. He 11 years old and LOVES to go to church. He goes with his Aunt becuase his parents aren´t members and really don´t want anything to do with the churh. He says that he´s gone to a lot of churches but that he feels something special when he goes to our church and knows that it´s where he belongs. When he told us that he had never heard of Joseph Smith and had never said a prayer. It goes to show  that if someone is spiritually open, they can literally feel that our church has the fullness of the gospel by simply attending church and listening to the spirit. 

Today we had a little district activity since we have changes next week. We went to the Aquarium!! It was pretty amazing. Basically a mini-Seaworld. We saw a sea lion show, i took a picture with a parrot, and i touched an alligator! Elder Lara and i are both hoping that we stay here for this next change. I love it here and wouldn´t mind spending a good part of my mission in this area. Well love you all, have a wonderful week!!! Love Elder Mecham

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