Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter #64 08/13/12 Run to the Lighthouse!

Early morning run up the mountain to the lighthouse!

Looking Great!

Hitching a ride in Mazatlan!

Hey fam. Another good week. I'll start out by telling you that i'm still here in Mazatlan with Elder Lara. Looks like we're going to have another 6 weeks together! I was pretty happy. We have a few investigadors that should be getting baptised this change and i know we're going to find a lot more. I've enjoyed working with Elder Lara. He's really really tranquilo. He is basically always laughing and making jokes but at the same time he knows when to get serious. Also, i got your package! Thanks a ton. It was great! I was pretty happy to see some peanut butter. I was able to read  your letters beforehand this week. Sounds like you guys did a ton this week! Make sure to tell Kameron happy birthday for me. What day does he leave again? I can't wait to start getting his letters! There was quite a bit of excitement here when Mexico won in soccer, but i won't lie, i'm pretty happy that the olympics are over. WAY too many tempatations. Haha just about everyone was wathching them and me and my companion being, big sports fans, had to go to pretty extreme measures to avoid seeing them. I'm looking forward to the next olympics when i can sit down and enjoy them.
So this week we continued working a lot with J, but unfortunately he still didn't get baptised. We haven't been able to find his dad from whom we need to get permission. We're going to pray and pray that his dad lets him get baptised and if so, he'll be baptised this saturday. We found a new investidador that looks really promising named R. He's about 75 years old and lives alone. He was in the navy and loves to tie nots and has read the book of mormon 2 times! He said he loves it, only that it talks too much about wars. He wants to get baptised the 25th of this month. He has a small problem with smoking, but we're going to pray that he has the strength to stop. He went to our ward missionary activity on Friday and loved it! We had a movie night. Elder Lara and i organized it. We watched 17 milagros! It was pretty awesome. We watched in on a giant wall with a projector and ate popcorn. The idea was that the members were going to bring their friends but it turned out that we were the only  ones who brought investigadors. J and R. But they loved it! 

The pictures are from saturday. We ran to the lighthouse! We had to get up at 430 to be able to get back on time. I'm still a little sore, but it was 100 percent worth it! On the run back we had fun taking pictures with all the monuments on the boardwalk. Well i hope that all of you have an amazing week and remember to read the scriptures. I've been reading a lot in Corinthians. The 2 books testify that our church is the church of Jesus Christ a ton! Take care and i love you!  

Elder Mecham

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