Monday, August 20, 2012

Letter #65 8/20/12 Rain in Mexico

Hey family, we had a pretty decent week. It went by incredibly fast! I can´t believe i´m already writing you guys again. I got the pictures from Lexi! Looks like she had an awesome time in the grand canyon. I always wanted to visit there.. It rained a ton this week. Every single day.. not all day, but a lot. The good part about the rain is that it means cloud cover, which is always really pleasing. The bad part is that it also means humidity, which turns into a lot of sweat. But the work always goes on. The weather really doesn´t change anything at all, and i need to enjoy the remainder of August cause it´ll be my last one in Mexico! This is the only chance i´ll ever have to walk around in the hot and humid rain, sweating up a storm and diligently searching the escogidos and i need to take advantage of every minute!

We had a lot of lessons this week. We have a lot of people with baptism dates, which is awesome, but unfortunately not a lot are progressing towards their dates. This week we´re going to have a lot of last visits with a few families we´ve been teaching. It´s sad to leave investigadors, but it´s part of the mission. R is continuing to progress. He should get baptised saturday! We´re going to be praying a ton that he has enough power to resist the temptations of satan and keep excited. I think he´s one of the few investigadors that we´re going to keep visiting this week. We´re going to be doing a LOT of searching this week.

Yesterday was the stake conference and it was great! President Cantú spoke and it was incredibly powerful as always. A member of the seventy also came but i forgot his name. He´s a Mexican and he also did great. He came Saturday and he wanted to visit one less active member, and one recent convert. And he chose G!! She´s the lady that got baptised my first week. He visited her with the bishop and the stake president, unfortunately they didn´t want to invite the missionaries.. but we were both really happy for her. He mentioned her in his talk sunday as an example of great faith and dedication. She is already saving money to go to the temple in one year!

Well we should have a good week this week. I didn´t tell you last week but i´m district leader. Nothing really changes as district leader but i get to hold district meatings and a bunch of fun things like that. I´ll be busier and that´s always a good thing. Well i hope you all have a wonderful week!! I´m going to work super hard so that you all get blessings. Love you all!!

Elder Mecham

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