Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter #71 10/1/12 Elder Roman is Awesome!!

Dear family, How is everyone? Unfortunately today we have very little time to write. We have a district meeting right now and its very far away. This week was pretty decent. Elder Roman and i had several spiritual experiences together and little by little were finding more investigadors. Yesterday una Hermana that we{ve been teaching forever finally went to church! She speaks english and always wants to speak english in the lessons. We{ve been worried that that she was more interested in practicing her english than learning the gospel but we{re seen a lot of progress in her in this last little bit. I hope she keeps it up so she can get baptised! Hermana S is having problems because she is currently living with her x husband and rules are that if they live under the same roof, and arent married, she cant get baptised. She has continued to be super active in everything and loves all the lessons. She is also on the schedule to feed us every week. This week we{re going to be looking for new investigadors. This past week i resulted to a finding method that i hadn{t used in months, contacting. It had been forever!! But i{ve now broken the streak. We had gone almost every inactive member in the ward, and found every old investigador from the area book, and we were left with no other opcion. We had little success for our area, but were able to find and teach some people who live in other cities that i think could really progress. It doesnt matter who plants the sead and who reaps it. The blessings are the same!
This past week we also had the oportunity to go to the island again! I enjoyed the boat ride and took a couple fotos but i think i{ll be sending them next week because the computer i{m using is ancient! Elder Roman and i are having a great time together. He is awesome. He has a little over a month her in Mexico and is still adjusting to everything. I would have thought the the Dominican Republic and Mexico would be almost identical in cultures sense their so close, but there are actually a lot of differences. They don{t eat tortillas in the Dominican Republic!! He actually says that the food is a lot better here than in his house. There are also a lot of differences in the language. Believe it or not, i{ve helped him with his mexican spanish, and at times, i{ve been the one who has had to translate things so that the people understand. Haha, obviously he speaks better spanish than do, but there{s a lot of words that exist here that he had never heard of before, and a words that are spoken in his house that people don{t understand at all. 

I love every one of you and  im thankful for you letters and for everything you do for me. Stay safe, and read the scriptures! Love Elder Mecham

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