Monday, October 15, 2012

Letter #73 10/15/12 Baptism!

Great week. First of all, i'm a little surprised about Matt. When i read that he's not coming home today, i first thought about President Thomas S. Monson's talk he gave on Sunday. I thought that they main point of the talk was that there are no coinsidenses. Everything happens for a reason and i'm sure that there is a reason (unknown for the time being) that he was not supposed to come home today. But i liked that idea of going to Chuck a rama afterwards. You'll have to send me pictures!
Right now i'm in another area with a Elder Goates, an Elder in my zone. Our companions are currently in Culiacan working out some visa issues. They left yesterday, so last night i worked here with Elder Goates. It's been nice to hang out a little with anoher Gringo. This morning we played soccer and afterwards we made carne asada with a few mexican teenagers.
Hna Y got baptised! Her baptism was awesome. I felt the spirit and i could tell that she did as well. We were a little worried that she wasn't going to get baptised this week because she learns a little slow and honestly doesn't understand a lot of things even now, but after a lot of prayer we decided that she was ready! Knowledge really isn't a requirement to get baptised. More than anything the person needs to have the desire, be willing to obey the commandments, and pray to know that it's true. The members are going to be helping her now so that she keeps going to church and has her sights set on the temple! Y also has a 10 year old son who we're going to start teaching. He went to the baptism and to church on sunday and loved it. We told him that in 2 weeks he'll be able to get baptised and he got really excited. We found hna Y one day when we were walking to lunch. She talked to me in english and i asked her if we could visit her in her house. She honestly didn't have much of a desire in the beggining but little by little we were able to see her change. It's awesome to see the spirit work with the people as they learn more about our savior and start keeping the commandments.
Elder Roman and i are still doing great together. He is definately different than the rest of my companions i've had. You would never guess that he is so new to church. He knows a ton about the scriptures and LOVES teaching. He shares his conversion story with just about everyone we come in contact and it's been a big help. It's nice having a companion that's a convert, i'd actually love it if every companion i had was a convert. He's trying to take advantage of our time together to learn english. I always pray in english so that he can listen. Strangely, i feel more comfortable praying in spanish. I often start my prayers in english and finish in spanish without even realizing as i change languages.
S, the contact that works as a security guard, is awesome. He doesn't live in our area, but he loved the book of mormon so much that he's been sharing it with everone he knows! He gave a book to his friend, A, who's now been reading and seems really excited. He's trying to quit smoking and we're helping him by teaching him the gospel!
Well i hope that you all have a wonderful week and that Matt comes home at some point before next monday. Love you all!! Elder Mecham

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