Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter #74 10/22/12 Mazatlan!!

Wow, Matt´s home! That´s great to hear. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like you all had a great time! Last tuesday i talked to an Brother Corona, He´s an Elder that returned from Villahermos on Monday and lives in our stake. He said he knew Matt and reafirmed that he got stuck in Mexico, only he told me that he had heard that it was going to take a couple weeks to work out his papers and everything. Guess he was wrong.. Tell Matt hi for me and tell him that he nunca dejará siendo un misionero, y a seguir echando las ganas! Y que encuentre su medianaranja rapidamente.

We had a great week. We started out super excited after not having too much success the week before and having incredibly low numbers. We set new goals and worked super hard to achieve them, and for the first time in my mission, we did it! We completed with every goal we set, besides baptisms and confirmations. We worked a ton with with the members this week also visited a lot of less active members. Our ward is starting to get a little more excited with the missionary work. We´ve recieved a few references and are doing divisions every week. Hna Y is still doing great. This week they called her as the relief society secretary!! We´re hoping that her calling is going to keep her active and involved in the church. We´re also teaching her son, D, and should get baptised next week.

I had told you guys earlier about an investigador named S that works in our area. We passed the reference to the missionaries that correspond to him and they are now teaching him in his house. He should be getting baptised next week as well. We still see him on a regular basis, he even told us that he wants Elder Roman to baptise him so it looks like we´ll be attending his baptism! I also had another experience that strengthens my testimony that God loves us and listens to our prayers. The day after we passed the reference to the other missionaries, another pair of missionaries called us from Culiacan to pass us a reference. They told us that they´ve been teaching a man that works in Culiacan during the week, but lives in our area. They said they´ve already taught him all the lessons and has a baptism date for the first week of November. We visited him Saturday and is super excited.

Elder Roman and I are still doing great together. He got a little sick last week, turns out he can´t eat anything that has chilli anymore in his whole mission. He´s going to have some major problems since they litterally toss chilli in EVERYTHING here. Mom, you should be greatful that he´s my companion. He takes really good care of his skin, making me, as well, take super good care of my skin. He also has an unbrella and if we´re not walking in the shadow, he uses it. Which is basically all day long. He also reminds me to put on sun screen. There´s a lot of people here with really bad skin problems since the majority of people work outside all day long. It´s a good reminder.

I re-listened to Uchdorfs talk about living a life with no regrets several times this week and i loved it more every time. He talks about how we need to enjoy where we´re at and not think about the finish line before we get there. We´re going to keep working hard this week and find more people to bring unto Christ!! Love Elder Mecham

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