Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter #7 7/14/11

Hey family!
I'm glad you guys had fun at Lake Powell! I haven't had much time to really get sad that i'm not there, but i definately am pretty jealous. I hope you send pictures and tell me everthing! I sure do hope that the you guys were able to do the poop decks without me and matt. Haha i'm sure Slater and Parker stepped it up. And tell Amy thanks for sending that package! And same with Sue Shipman! She sent me applesauce cookies. They're delicous! I always used to eat them at brandon's house.
This week has been pretty good. Not much has happened. But the older district left, which is kind of sad. They were a lot of fun, and i made pretty good friends with a lot of them. And they also ate a lot of my food.. We already got a new district though, they're all pretty nice. Only one of them is from utah though. And last sunday i gave a talk in sacrament! Our sacrament meetings are just our zones so there's not that many people. The way the talks work is pretty cool though. Everyone writes a talk, and then they announce who's giving it right after the sacrament. So it's always a surprise. And the talks are in all spanish! Only five minutes though.. The point is so that we all have a bunch of talks written for once we get to mexico, but i can't see myself ever giving one of these talks to real mexicans. I don't spend much time on them because none of our presidency speaks spanish. So it's just the missionaries who understand what you're saying but if you talk fast enough then the majority of the missionaries have no clue either. I basically just say the same thing over and over again in a bunch of different ways.
The most exciting thing that happened this week was on Tuesday. We taught a real Mexican! She was from Mexico City! She's here visiting family and decided she's volunteer at the MTC. She didn't speak any English so it was awesome! We taught her the restoration and she understood everthing we told her. Only i only got like 3/4 of what she said. She was extremely nice though. I love mexicans! Teaching her, and having the older district leave really just made me want to go to Mexico. All of our teachers tell us that as far as the spanish goes, we're as prepared as the majority of people leaving. And i believe it because the district that just left is not too good. Our district really works hard at spanish. We have English fasts a lot, and we try to always speak as much spanish as we can. Even when we're just in our rooms or at lunch. I can tell that doing that really makes a big difference because the older district hardly ever did that and it really showed.
The gym has been closed this whole week so we've been going outside everyday. I always run around the field with elder prince. It's always a little strange though because they're so many real world people that run on the side-walk. And some are girls our age, we never know what to do so we normally just act like we see something on the mountain and point in the opposite direction when we pass the runners. I'm pretty sure they can fell the awkwardness though.. haha
Getting my visa was so awesome!! We got to drive to Salt Lake in the MTC bus, then just sat in the consult for a couple hours. It was pretty weird driving past Draper. I tried taking pictures of lone peak but it was pretty cloudy. It was really nice to get into the real world for a little bit though. And now i know for sure that i'll be able to go to Mexico! That's a huge relief. The other Elders in our district are going to Chiwawa and they still haven't gotten theirs.
Well i hope to hear from you guys soon. And Please send me pictures!! And that's really exciting about Nick and Chase!!!
Love landon

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