Friday, July 8, 2011

Letter #6 07/07/11 Visa is here!!

Hey family!
Thanks for everything! I'm loving all the packages! I'm glad you guys haven't forgotten about me yet. I'm especially loving recieving mints :) And everything else. The new district doens't really get much food so pretty much every night they're in my room snacking on everything. They're all pretty jealous. I hope you're having an awesome time at girls camp! And you guys are going to powell on saturday? Wow... i'm a little jealous of that. But i hope you have fun! You should definately send me some pictures and let me know how it was. And i hope the Killbournes had an awesome time in europe!! That's pretty exciting. Are they back yet?
This week has been pretty crazy. Saturday we got to watch the fireworks! I couldn't hear any of the music though... We had to stay in the MTC campus but you could still see everything pretty well. And we got to stay up until 11:15! They actually forced us to.. I think i'm still recovering from that 45 minutes of sleep i lost. It was a good way to celebrate the 4th though. We also had a little devotional right beforehand and it was awesome! And on sunday we had a few changes in our district. Elder Nordfelt got made District Leader and the old district leader one of his companions got made zone leaders. They were in a trio so now me and elder nordfelt have their other companion so now we're in a trio. His name is Elder Prince. He's from South Jordan, and went to BYU. He's a really nice elder. And he's extremely good at spanish. Elder Nordfelt is also really good at spanish. I'm probable the worst in our companionship. I won't lie it's a little frustrating. I think i should be learning it faster than this. But Elder Prince is going to be a really big help. But at the same time i'm a little worried that i won't be able to get as much time in our lessons to teach our fake investigators. I really need to work on my teaching and i probably won't get quite as much practice now.. But that's allright because i really can learn a ton from both Elder Nordfelt and Elder Prince.
It's pretty crazy, the oldest district in our zone is leaving on monday. I really like all of them and i'm definately going to miss them. about half of them are going to Villahermosa so maybe matt will see them at some point! They're all really awesome. And it's crazy that they're leaving because when i got here they'd only been here for 3 weeks. Time is flying by! I'm thinking that i'm really not going to know that much spanish when i'm out of here. It seems like the other district doesn't really now that much more than us and they're leaving in 4 days. I actually think we know more than some of them. I'm going to really study hard until i'm out of here. I want to be as ready as possible.
And i have more good news! Our Visas came! We're going today to get them. We get to go to salt lake city!! I'm pretty excited to drive past draper. I hear that it takes anywhere from 3-5 hours to do it. I hope it's closer to 5. And i hear you can sleep! I'm pretty excited. Only i kind of wish that we weren't going on our P-day. I'm not going to have that much time to write and prepare today. The temple is closed for the next couple weeks.. I'm pretty bummed. I'll only get to go one more time before i go to Mexico! And chances are i won't be able to go in Mexico..
I've seen Brandon quite a bit and got to talk to him for a while on Sunday. And yesterday i talked to Taylor for a while during lunch. Both of their classrooms are in my same building so i'm going to look for them more often. Both Kyle and Austin are leaving next week! It's crazy. I think we're all going to get together at the map and take a picture sometime before they leave. It's pretty hard to coordinate these things with everyone's different schedules though.
The gym is closed for the next 10 days!! I'm bummed because i was just starting to enjoy basketball.. It's okay though i like going outside too.. Elder Prince and i always run around the feild a few times then play soccer or something.
I'm still loving it here! I think it basically just gets better the longer you're here. I'm loving both of our teachers. One of them is going to teach seminary this fall and he is seriously awesome and really helps us with our teaching and feeling the spirit. The other is just really funny. He teaches us a lot, but also just makes us laugh a lot. The balance eachother out pretty well.
You don't need to worry about a camelback or anything. If i decide i want one i can just buy one. And no Elder Nordfelt doesn't have a girlfriend. He's never kissed a girl. It's a little weird, my whole distric is like that...
I hope you guys have an awesome time at Lake Powell!! I love you!!

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