Thursday, July 21, 2011

Letter #8 7/21/11

Hey fam.
Happy birthday!!! Love you mom!! This week has been encredibly fast.. It sounds like Killbournes had a blast! They sent me their trip journal. I printed it off and i'm way excited to look through it! I'm pretty jealous of that whole trip, and lake powell right afterwards.. wow. Thanks for the packages! Everything tasted delicous as usual. I kind of wish lexi and mckell would have sent me some more Harry Potter food, haha it's okay though. Sounds like the movie was awesome!! Can't wait to watch it.. in 18 months. It's okay though, I love being a missionary!! And i'm going to love it even more once i'm a real missionary in the real world! Reading Matt's and Tyler's letters gets me so excited! 10 more days!! We should get our flight plans today; not for sure though. But i'll let you know if i do.
Dear Mom, thanks for being such an amazing mother. I love you!! And i'm proud of you for walking so much. I wish i could join you. And thanks for sending all those pics! I wanted to put some of the ones of Lexi and Mckell up on my desk but i think they're a little immodest.. It's okay though, i put the one of Dad with his sunglasses on. My companions tell me i look just like him. I also have a pic of grandma and grandpa :) I love them! Please continue sending pics, It's the absolute best. But maybe a pic of our whole family sometime during my mission? Just a thought.
Sounds like Powell was a blast!! I saw that Kameron was getting some major air.. Looks like i might have some competion. Haha. And Congrats to Lexi for winning the competition. It sounds like it was a pretty big deal. I'm a little dissapointed in Kameron... Haha. So in a next package maybe you could send some clean and pure face lotion, some burtz beez, possibly a watch if you remember that one that i bought last summer from wallmart, i showed lexi too. You don't need to, but it's a brown one, i think Timex brand. But it's like 30 bucks, if you see one like it that's cheaper that'll be good. Or just don't send me one. It doesn't matter, and possible another journal. I love the one Mckell gave me though! I just think i might fill it up at some point. And for my Missionary plack i want Alma 26:12. Please.
I see Taylor all the time during meals and in my classroom building. We talk quite a bit. I see brandon around but i normally only get to talk to him on Sundays. Once he sat by me at a fireside so that was nice and we got to talk quite a bit. He actually just tapped on my shoulder as i was writing that to say hello. Haha kind of funny. He was coming to write his letter i guess. He's still really buff. Last week we took a picture with a lot of Alta kids. We had 16 total and i know there's more that didn't show up. I'll make sure to send it home to you.
So about Elder Prince. He's awesome! He's one of those really smart genius kids. I seriously think he's the best White American Missionary in the MTC at speaking spanish. He also got a really really high ACT score but he'd probably be mad if i told you. But it was one less than perfect. He really like running, so i run with him during gym a lot. He really brings a lot to our companionship. He went to BYU and i think lived in Heratage. He went to bingham highschool.
We taught the old lady at the TRC again. She almost fell asleep multiple times but we'd just start talking really loud and ask her questions so i don't think she ever actually fell asleep. The Spanish is coming along pretty good. I am definately improving every day. It all makes perfect sense in my head, but it's a little harder to speak. I can understand everything our teachers say though. After a little time i'm sure i'll be able to speak it as well as i know it. I hope.. It's pretty crazy that i'll be in mexico in less than 2 weeks!! I'm extremely excited.
Love you guys!

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