Monday, February 13, 2012

Letter #38 2/13/12 Happy dia de amor y la mistad!!

Hey everyone! Yes.. they celebrate valentines day here, but its not called valentines day. The streets of Ahome are currently covered with little stands celling teddy bears and hersheys kisses and blasting mexican love music. Don't worry, there is plenty of love here. So i'm curious as to what your plans are for tomorrow. You'll have to let me know what you did. We had another somewhat good week here in Ahome. I would say it was a good week because i'm having a great time, but we haven't baptised here this entire change!! It's hard to be fully happy when you're not having baptisms... I'd definately say that there's a lot of pressure to end this change with a baptism. Our zone has kind of been going down hill the last few months from what i've heard. The last change the entire zone had a total of 5 baptisms. . But this last saturday we had an amazing zone conference with Presidente Cantu. He's an awesome guy and i feel like i learned a ton saturday!! If anything i just feel more ready and motivated to do everything possible to get our investigadors to church and ultimately in the baptism font. I feel like this change we've been a little to trusting in the investigadors and haven't done everything possible to get them to church. For example, when people have told us, don't worry about me, i'm going to go to church for sure, there's nothing that could stop me. We have trusted them and haven't gone out of our way to bring them. I've learned that that's not going to be enough. This week we're going find a way to personally go and pick up every investigador that we have, even if we have to do divisions with the preists to go get them.
We have also dropped a good number of investigadors so this week we're going to do a lot of looking for new ones. The good news is that Hermana T is still looking really promising for a baptism this week. She has started bringing friends to our lessons because she wants them to listen too.

We had a pretty good P day today in the city of Mochis. We celebrated valentines day by going to a Buffet!! I'd say it's comparable to a Mexican version of Chuck a Rama. I'm still getting along great with Elder Cardenas.  I know that if we can just focus ourselves, and do everything with the spirit that we're going to be able to end this change baptising and have people prepared for  the next change as well. We are lacking investigadors, but we have a ton of contacts and references. Since we're catching rides all day we take a lot of directions down and give out a ton of pamphlets. This week we're going to find everyone of them and pick out the escogidos. 

Well i hope everyone has an amazing week this week and stays safe. I also hope that you guys can enjoy a little Utah weather. Here it's slowly starting to get hotter.. Well i love you all, take care and read in your libro de mormon. LOVE YOU!!! 

Elder Mecham

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