Monday, February 27, 2012

Letter #40 2/27/12 Culiacan & New (american) companion!

Good friends from the MTC!!  Elder Nordfelt!

Reunited with "dad" Elder Garcia!!
First baptism in Ahome!
Wow.. A lot has happened this week. First of all, it was a wonderful week. Everything started when we found out Tuesday that Wednesday morning we were going to go to Culiacan! We had a gian training meeting Thursday that lasted all day. It was AWESOME. I feel like i learned a ton. It was pretty much a full day of listening to Pres. Cantu, and eating. But i think the best part was that i was able to see a few Elders that i hadn´t seen in forever! When i got there i found out that i was going to be staying in Elder Nordfelt´s house, my compa from the MTC, and that Elder Ship was going to stay there too. I hadn´t seen then forever!! The picture i sent you is of all the Elders from my district in the MTC that came to Culiacan. We all had a great time catching up for the 2 nights we stayed together. It was the first time we´ve been together since we arrived here in Culiacan. I also was able to talk with Elder Garcia!! MY papa!! I love Elder Garcia. We talked for a while and he´s loving his area he has in Culiacan and is going to finish his mission in 5 months. He also wants Lexi and Mckell to write him if they get the chance... haha.
Friday morning we returned back to Ahome and despite not working in our area all week we had a baptism Saturday!! I was so incredibly feliz i can´t even describe it. We baptised a niño who´s 10 years old. His parents are members but inactive, but that´s going to change. He wants to be an Elder!! We told him he had to get baptised first so that´s what he did. After the baptism Saturday, we recieved the famous phone call from the Zone Leaders that we get every 6 weeks. I had almost forgotten that it was transfers, but they informed us that Elder Cardenas was leaving, and that i was going to recieve an American!! Elder Peterson. He´s from Brigham City Utah. I barely met him about an hour ago but i can tell we´re going to be great friends. I can tell he´s a hard worker, and likes Harry Potter and Star Wars!! We both have the same amount of time in the mission. He was in the other district in the MTC that came here to Culiacan. I¨m pretty excited to have an American Companion. So far we haven´t spoken any english, but i´m pretty sure we´re going to break that really soon... I feel pretty comfortable with my spanish so i´m not that worried. 

Well thanks for everything. I hope you all have a wonderful week and read the scriptures. I love you all, and i love the church and being a missionary. 

Elder Mecham

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