Monday, March 5, 2012

Letter #41 3/5/12 The first house past the boat dock..

Is this possum dead or is it playing possum???

hola familia!! Had a pretty good week this week. Thanks for all youre letters that you sent!! This morning we had a zone meeting and i recieved the packet you sent mom! Thanks for everything, its perfect. I really like those rings you sent! And i plan on having a blast playing with the Hot Wheels!!! Haha, joke. Im going to give them to little niƱos who dont have toys and i cant wait!

So as usual, we worked really hard this last week. Weve changed a few things that we were last change, and i think were going to have a ton of success. Weve been going with a ton of unactive members and just teaching something small and simple and then asking for references. Weve had a ton. Sometimes they give us there friends and sometimes theyve told us of neighbors that were talking with the missionaries before but stopped for some reason or another. Weve also been working in a few of the Ejidos id never gone to before so im seeing places that i never saw last change. We also recieved a reference for somebody that lives in an ejido called Colorado. Ive never been there, but i hear all the houses all right on the beach! The direction actually says it{s the first house passing the boating dock. Im pretty excited to look for it.

We had a sweet experience with an investigador this week. He has been reading the book of Mormon a TON and knows its true. He isnt a big drinker, but always drinks a little on the weekends, but we still hadnt taught him the word of wisdom. One night when we were talking he said that since he started reading the Book of Mormon hes felt that he should stop drinking. He was able to have revelation about a commandment that he had never heard of by reading the book of mormon. I know that the LDM testifies truths to everyone!

Elder Peterson is a great companion. We get along great. Were different in a lot of ways, but we also have a lot of things in common.  Hes incredibly focused in the mission which is awesome. His last change he had another Gringo companion and he said that they rarely spoke spanish and that right now he{s really not too comfortable with spanish, but everyone understands him fine so it{s all good. I know that he graduated the same year as me, he played lacross, has a girlfriend that goes to BYU Idaho, and likes to be outside. He also like exercising so weve been running and playing basketball in the mornings!!

Well i hope you all know how much i love you. Thanks for everything!!! Until next week, Elder Mecham

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