Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter #44 3/26/12 Buenos Tardes!

Haircut time!!


Hey familia, hope all is well in Utah! Thanks for the pictures mom, nice seeing the whole family together! In case youre wondering, it's getting extremely hot here.. I don't know if you guys would be jealous or not, but it's to the point where i sweat again! So quite a bit happened this week. First of all, we have worked a TON!! I'd say most i've worked my whole mission, and it's a little frustrating but we haven't really seen any progress in our investigadors and we haven't found anybody new that's looking promising.. There's a talk from Elder Holland that i love, he talks about how hard the life of a missionary is and about how hard it can be to actually have success, then he compares it to the life of Jesucristo and says that it's nothing compared to what he did for us. Whenever i feel a little down i always remember that and things start to feel a littl easier. It's incredible the impact that the Atonement has on us. It's literally everything, and we'd be nothing without it. I know that we're going to start having success if we relly on the atonement to carry us and keep working diligently.
So on a later note, we had a lesson in english this week! 100 percent. His name is I and he lived in Minasota for about 20 years and speaks perfect english. It was pretty weird speaking in english with an investigador.. I almos feel more comfortable in spanish but he refuses to use is native tongue. Also, i ate mantaray!! Yum, i didn't expect it to be so satisfying. I also bought a headshaver so i'm thinking i'm gunna sport the bald look the rest of my mission. Something a little strange happened when someone gave us a ride the other day.. We got in the back of the car and the first thing the girl in front did was wip out her phone and take individual pictures of Elder Peterson and me. She looked shocked to see us so far away from our home town. I didn't really know what to think.
That's awesome about BYU in their first game!! But too bad about the second.. Oh well, maybe next year. Well thanks for everything you guys do!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week. Love you all!!! Elder Mecham

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