Monday, March 19, 2012

Letter #43 3/19/12 Que Rollo Plebes?

Beautiful way to end a day of work!!

Is this a spider or a pet?  Who could sleep with that loose in the house!!

Looks like Landon still likes the food!!

A hole in the floor of the pickup bed... very safe transporation methods!!

Hey everyone! Como estan? Well this week was pretty average... No baptisms.. But everything else went well. I hope you guys all had a great week! Thanks for the letters. I´m glad to hear that you got the letters i sent as well. I kind of forgot who i all wrote but i have faith that they all got there without any problems. And you´ll be happy to know that the whole oreo thing didn´t distract me at all. Sad, but life moves on. But thanks Mckell for the pictures!! Brought back good memories.
So P and G still didn´t get baptised. I´m incredibly confused.. They say that they know they need to get baptised, they know the church is true, but they say they want to wait. And we ask why and they just say "we don´t know". Wow... incredibly frustrating. The forces of satan are powerful. But there getting married this friday so that should be enjoyable! I´ve literally groan to love their family. I´ve been able to see them grow since the first night we contacted them. I know they´ll get baptised pronto. 

So you may be thinking that it could be a bad idea to have 2 gringos walking around solo in Mexico, especially when we still haven´t mastered the spanish language, but we really haven´t had a single problem. We actually have plenty of people who want to talk to us just because they see that we´re not from Mexico. There´s also a load of people who refuse to speak to us in spanish and we only use the 5 frases they know of english; how are you? what´s up? etc.. It´s a little frustrating, but the people are all great. 

We had an interesting experience with a spider this week. Acutally, it was a torantula. We found it snooping around in our back yard and in the process of trying to kill it with a lighter and bug spray it ran for cover in the house!! And since then i haven´t seen it. I sleep with my bug spray and lighter by my pillow every night. 

Dear mom, still haven´t gotten the package yet, but don´t worry. I´m sure it´s on the way. And the CD player is working fantastic. Thanks a ton. I woun´t mind a couple more Alex Boye CD´s in the next package. I´ve heard a couple of his other Albums and i really like them. 

This week i finished Doctrinas y Convenios in spanish! So amazing! I have so much respect for Joseph Smith. I have been trying really hard to learn more about him and live to his example. He was constantly serving others and understood the importance of putting God above everything. And never got angry with him, even when he had incredibly hard challenges. He just accepted that it was all for his bien. Well love you all, hope you have an amazing week! 

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