Monday, March 12, 2012

Letter #42 3/12/12 Goodbye Oreo!

Hola familia! Wow... Oreo..... I'm basically about to cry right now.. But that's okay. I'm pretty confident that dogs go to the Celestial Kingdom, but i'm definately going to do some good scripture searching and praying this week to find a good answer. She was a good dog. Mom, i hope you didn't take it too hard.. I know you really loved her and was hoping she was going to live another few years. I know it's going to be hard but you guys should try waiting until i get back to buy a puppy.
Well other than the the sad news, i hope you guys all had a great week!! Thanks for the email Aunt Melanie, i love hearing from you guys. We had a decent week here in Ahome. We have been working incredibly hard and have been extremely busy. To tell the truth, after a long week of diligintly searching investigadors i can't really say that we found a single one that's going to progress. But the good news is that 2 of our investigadors we've had for a while are progressing a ton! P and G. They should get married and baptised this week!! They are amazing people, and even though we haven't had much success with the other investigadors it really feels good to see that they're growing to love the church and recognize the spirit. They tell us that since we've started visiting them they can feel a difference in there home. It builds my testimony that the families are literaly stronger  and happier when they're built with the gospel as the focus. So thanks Mom and Dad for always remembering that.
So this week i had my first little taste of Sinaloa craziness. We were eating dinner with a family of members last thursday when we heard about 20 automatic gun shots coming from right down the road. From what i hear, this happens about 3 to 4 times a week in Culiacan, but here in Ahome it's rare to hear it more than about once a month. The family just kept eating and acted like nothing happened. When we finished, we asked if we could have a ride home because of the possibilities that there could have still been more gun shots and the family started making fun of us... haha but the gave us a ride in the end.
We're going to keep doing everything we can this week to find new investigadors and keep helping G and P prepare for their baptism. I hope all is well Utah and that you recieve plenty of snow!! It's slowly getting extremely hot here.. But i love everyone of you!! Thanks for everything you do for me, until next week, Elder Mecham

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