Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter #37 2/06/12 Campfire!!

Hitchin a ride!

Roasting marshmellows!

Just like a scout campout!!  Love his backyard!
Hey everyone!! How are you all doing? Thanks for writing me! Hope alll is well in Utah. I recieved a christmas letter from the Ottosens today, make sure to tell them thankyou! I love getting mail.  We had another good week in Ahome. Well mas or menos. Were not having too much success right now, but our spirits are high and i now that the success is on the way. The problem is that we havent had investigadors in church the last 2 weeks.... A lot of our inv live far away and dont have cars. Yesterday we found a ride for 2 families were teaching that live far and we passed by their houses in the morning and they gave us lame excuses of why they couldnt go.. Its tough but were thinking were going to have to drop everyone and start from scratch.. We{ve bee praying a ton for help from above and i know that were going to start seeing results from our work. We still have one golden investigador who should get baptised next week. She basically just wants to wait until weve taugh her husband and kids everything so that they can get baptised at the same time, but her family isnt quite as excited as she is..

We had am amazing lesson with an investigador who has a ton of problems with the law of castidy but had no clue that he was sinning. His problem is big and its going to be hard to overcome, but it was so awesome to hear him say that he{s going to change and obey the commandment no matter what. He has a ton of faith. Unfortunately he wasn{t able to go to church because he owns a beer drive through and couldnt take off work, but this week we{re going to teach the word of wisdom and i have no doubt that hes going to do what he needs to in order to change.

This week we had a little campfire in our backyard and roasted marshmellows!! I think were going to make it a weekly ritual. I sent you a couple fotos so you can see our wonderful backyard. We also have a guava tree that has about a million guavas right now. Were thinking about opening a guava stand and giving them away for free along with a pamphlet and an invitation to church. Ill let you know if it works out. Mom, to answer your question, we still have a meal with a sister every day except sunday and it{s always delicous. And i still don{t have my luggage from Culiacan, i{ll have to wait until a pass through there to get it and that could still be a year in the future. I also had to leave a backpack in Cabo full of things that werent neccessary so that my pack didn{t way too much so right now i don{t have the majority of what i brought to mexico, but i have enough, dont worry. Well have a wonderful week!! I love you all muchisimo. Elder Mecham

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