Monday, January 30, 2012

Letter #36 1/30/12 Hola Family!

Hola family, I hope that everyone had an excellent week! Thanks for always writing me and for everything you guys do. Thanks mom for sending that package, don´t worry about the things you forgot, i´m sure that whatever you packed is perfect. I had another excellent week. We´re writing a little late, once again, because we´ve been in Mochis all day. Elder Cardenas isn´t the best for planning things ahead of time, haha but it´s okay we´re getting along great and he´s awesome. He teaches really well and is focused in the work, for the most part. But we´re working really hard here in Ahome.
To answer a few more of you´re questions, when i came here i had to leave a few things behind in Cabo but nothing important. I left a few shirts that i never wore and a few books, but i put everything in a backpack and i should recieve the backpack the next time the Zone Leaders in Cabo go to Culiacan. Shouldn´t take long. Also, the language is a little different here. They just have a few different words that they use for things and a few slang words i had to pick up in order to understand people better. Also i´ve learned a lot more words for things in the farms and fields since that´s where the majority of people work. It was same in Cabo, only i learned a lot of the vocabulary for the jobs in the Hotels and beaches and things like that. The Bishop here is great. He´s active, works really hard, and has a big happy family. And as for our house, this week we found a hidden room and in the hidden room we found a blender and a microwave! AMAZING!!! There was also about a million crosses and virgen guadalupes. I´m pretty sure the owners are Catholics...
We have a couple awesome investigadors. First of all, someone named T. She is Awesome, she was catholic, but after we started teaching her she started realizing the truth. She is full of faith. Her whole life she has been a hardcore Catholic, but when she heard about the Gospel and how the families can be eternal she wanted to know if it was all true. She read the Book of Mormon, prayed, and already recieved her answer. We had an incredible lesson about the Gospel with her and afterwards she started crying. She lives about 45 minutes from the church building she´s gone the last 2 weeks and should get baptised this saturday. She´s awesome!!!
Other than her we really don´t have hardly anyone.. But something interesting about our area is that there´s a Church of Jesus Christ in one of our little ranch towns. They believe in the Book of Mormon and Everything until Brigham Young. They believe that another profet was called in his place and that they´re the true holders of the Preisthood. We´ve had a few really interesting lessons.. We´ve had to change our routine from asking them to pray if Joseph Smith was a profet to asking them to pray if Brigham young was a profet.. But from the people we´ve talked with they really don´t know too much about their church. I think we´ll be able to win them over by simply showing them how pretty our building is in comparison to theirs.
Well I hope everyone has an amazing week and reads their scriptures todos los dias!!! Love Elder Mecham

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