Monday, January 9, 2012

Letter #33 1/9/12 Learning to listen to the Spirit

The start of a bright new day and a bright new year!!
Hey family! We had a pretty good week this week. I hope you guys have all had a wonderful first week of January and have allready checked off a few of your goals. We are working really hard to reach our goal this month of 5 baptisms. We have the people, we just need to work really hard and hope everything goes as planned. We are going to have at least 1 baptism this Saturday, her name is A. She's awesome.She's 15 years old, but is mature enough to be 25. We have a few other investigadors right now who are progressing great and should get baptised soon.
I was focussing really hard this week on listening to the spirit. We are guided by the spirit every day but sometimes it's hard to descern if it's the spirit we're hearing or just our thoughts, but by focusing myself i was able to see the difference. One night, while planning, i had the feeling that we should ask referals from a certain Hermano in the ward. I told my Elder Garcia and he said that before i arrived they'd allready tried multiple times and that he never gives any names. I insisted that we do it and we put it in our plans. The next day he gave us a whole 2 referals, not a lot, but since then we've found both of them and they are both escogidos, or golden investigadors. We have baptism dates with the both of them for this month and i have no doubt they'll get baptised. It's comforting knowing that we really are guided by the spirit every day, even though at times we don't recognize it.
I never told you what we did for new years but here it is. We had a baptism saturday and it ended at about 7. We got back to our house at about 8. We had plans to eat a late dinner with a family, but on the way to their house we got sidetracked by a lot of drunk people and ended up teaching a lesson. We we finished it was allready after 930 so we ran back to our house before more crazy drunks could do anything. I was more than a little scared that night that i was going to get jumped, or killed.
The past couple of weeks we've been getting up early every other day and running! Wow it's been nice to be able to exercise. We run to a park that has a basketball court and from there we run around, pass a football, or work out using the swings. I hope all my companions are willing to do this.. Also, there were more than 60 people in church yesterday! We brought 5 investigadors, it's not a lot but it felt good to see it a little more full. Oh, and i bought a used memory foam pillow for 20 pesos! Definately a good week.
Well i love every one of you. A LOT. Have a wonderful week. ELDER MECHAM
Landon spends a lot of time filling and emptying this font!!

Landon's great district!!

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