Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter #35 1/23/12 I love Ahome!!

Elder Cardenas, Landon's fourth companion!

Great picture!  Looking healthy and good!

Pure Landon Joy!!  He's in his true element!

Hey Everyone! Wow, great week. I{m writing a little bit late because
we had a zone activity this morning. We played basketball!!!! It was
pretty sweet. We played full court and everything. There were a few
hermanas playing but it was still somewhat competive. Im glad to here
that everything is good in Draper! Well in all of Utah i guess.. Is
there snow yet?

Ahome is amazing. Our house is huge. At least 2 of my last houses put
together and we pay less. Everything is cheaper here. Along with the
house, the area is also a LOT bigger. Ahome is where we live, but our
area is a lot bigger than just Ahome. Its Ahome, and about 20 other
Ejidos(small farm towns) that touch it. The farthest being 2 hours by
car. We spend a lot of time hitching rides since it would make no
sense walking and buses only pass by every couple hours. But I LOVE
the area. It reminds me of gold old Cedar City, only smaller and
everything is in spanish. But everyone wears cowboy hats everywhere.
The majority of the people work in the ranches. Every ejido is
separated by miles of fields. They grow a lot of corn, bean,
grapefruit, and about every other fruit or veggie. Its also a little
bit colder here at night, but thanks to the sweater grandma sent me,
im surviving. Another amazing thing about Ahome is that they have
purified water!! Or so they tell me.. But ive been drinking from the
tap this whole week and i feel healthy as ever so i{m sure its fine.

Elder Cardenas is great. We work and teach great together and were
going to have a lot of success this change. The ward is Allright. The
attendence is about the same as my ward in San jose, 40-50 people. But
we have members who are willing to help us with everything.

It doesn{t matter where i{m serving, i love being a missionary. But i
also really like this area. And companion. But i love representing
Jesus Christ more than anything. And i love all of you guys aswell.
Hasta next week, Elder Mecham

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